Star Atlas Never Alone Campaign Goes Live
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Star Atlas Never Alone Campaign Goes Live

Star Atlas has launched the Never Alone Campaign. This is a multi-layered exercise that will include multiple platforms in the ecosystem. Participants will be opportune to gain deep knowledge about his metaverse. They will also explore new products that were released this year, and acquire unique in-game assets.

This exercise is a shared journey and the team wants players to become part of it. The storyline involves meeting an in-game character known as Saand. He is a Punaab that lost his memory and is currently stranded in the desert after a shipwreck. Users will befriend this avatar and try to help him regain his lost memory.

Details of the Star Atlas Never Alone Campaign

After befriending Saand, players will travel across the Galia universe in search of ways to recover this avatar’s memory. This journey will take contestants to the deepest part of Star Atlas. Along the way, users will encounter different challenges and earn rewards for surmounting them. Participants will also discover many hidden secrets and gems as they go through the different missions.

As individuals explore the metaverse with Saand, they will unfold different aspects of his past life. Furthermore, they can monitor his progress through a Zealy-powered Neuro Scanner. This tool will highlight the level of progress players are making toward recovering the in-game character’s memory. In addition, it will outline activities that individuals can engage in to improve progression.

Details of the Star Atlas Never Alone Campaign

Star Atlas Never Alone Campaign is a year-long exercise that is spread across four main missions. These four assignments represent the four arcs of Saand’s past that players will recover. Each one will appear on the Zealy platform and has specific tasks that players must undertake. To progress to the next assignments, users must first complete all the current undertakings.

Meanwhile, people must meet certain criteria to be eligible for any mission. Zealy will display the necessary experience point they require to unlock any tasks.

Meanwhile, completing missions will unlock fragments or revelations of Saands’s memories. If contestants complete the necessary duties will help people unlock memories. Unlike fragments, these are digital assets and the prize rewards of this campaign. To complete the contests, participants must obtain these memories as shown below:

  • Glimpses of a Forgotten Life
  • Fragments of a Forgotten Life
  • Revelations of a Forgotten Life

Players will earn rewards according to the tiers and number of their Saand Story. They can improve their chances of getting better prizes by doing well in tasks and missions. Individuals can earn various Star Atlas NFTs.

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