Gala Games announces May Mayhem Meta Awards
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Gala Games announces May Mayhem Meta Awards

In the month of May, Gala Games is unleashing a whirlwind of activities and challenges across all Gala Games titles. You can actively be a part of and qualify for rewards in each event.

So, you’ll be eligible for the coveted Meta Awards – reserved for our most dedicated May Mayhem gamers. And the best part? No purchases are necessary to win!

How to Get Involved: Dive into May Mayhem Meta Awards

You can seize your chance at the Meta Awards and claim those exclusive NFT items. All you need to do is take on the activities happening across our games this month. Stay updated by checking the official website, social media, and the Discord community for gamers like yourself. So, the more activities you engage in, the greater your chances of securing the Meta Awards.

The Epic Meta Awards NFTs: Unleash Their Power

The NFT items up for grabs in May Mayhem come from Last Expedition and Dawn of Fire. These are our upcoming games that offer fun adventures. These are not just symbols of your gaming prowess, but they will also have a huge impact on your experience. So, don’t miss out on the chance to add these NFTs to your collection!

The Epic Meta Awards NFTs: Unleash Their Power

Dawn of Fire: Unleash the Power of the Whispering Twins Sword

Prepare to wield the Whispering Twins Sword. This is an ethereal weapon that emits a wail with every swing. Its deadly and precise strikes make it the coveted choice of skilled warriors. So, stay tuned for more exciting details about Dawn of Fire, as they come out way later.

Last Expedition: Prove Your Might with Apex Predator Incisors

In the world of Last Expedition, when Hunters successfully slay their first Ravager on Aura, it’s a tradition to claim one of the fearsome Apex Predators’ incisors as proof of their kill.

Get Ready for Mayhem: Unlock the Meta Awards!

Now that you know all about the May Mayhem, it’s time to embark on your journey! Engage in as many activities as possible throughout May, show your gaming prowess, and increase your chances of earning the Awards. It is an opportunity that you do not want to miss at any cost, and it will be worth the effort.

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