Axie Infinity Origins Season 4 Goes Live
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Axie Infinity Origins Season 4 Goes Live

Axie Infinity has launched Origins Season 4. This is a sequel to Season 3, and it comes after the off-season patch that was issued on the 25th of April. Participants will be opportune to win various incentives. Besides the leaderboard prize pool, there will also be daily and weekly rewards.

Meanwhile, there are also significant changes to the gameplay process. Players will get to enjoy the features that were unveiled on the 25h of April. There are now upgrades to the rewards and progression system of Arena Rank.

Details of the Axie Infinity Origins Season 4

This new season will begin on the 10th of May and feature 3 Eras. It will begin with the Rare Era, and each Era will last for 2 weeks. This implies that the Epic Era will go live on the 24th of May, while the Mystic Era will begin on June 7th. Axie Infinity Origins Season 4 will feature a prize pool of 111,764 $AXS. This will be shared among the top 20,000 participants on the leaderboard.

As mentioned earlier, the balancing patch from April 25th will take effect in this new season. For example, Topaz will deal 12 bonus DMG for each card in the Barnish pile. This is a significant change from the 15 Bonus DMG from the previous update. In this regard, the team expects these modifications to introduce certain twists to gameplay.

Meanwhile, players can now convert Energy into Energy Fragments. They can use these Energy fragments to keep Cards without having to burn energy. On the other hand, the Blitz Mode will continue in Season 4. Lunacians loved this feature, and the team decided to improve on it.

When it was released in March, users could play the game at 1.5x its normal speed. Things are even much better in season 4. There are now options to play 1.35x and 1.75 times the normal speed. People now have the flexibility to choose the pace that suits them. Lunacians can still share their opinion of the new update on Twitter. Simply share clips of Arena battles using the #AxieOrigins hashtag.

Details of the Axie Infinity Origins Esports Mode

In other news, the eSports Mode is now available on the main Origins app. People can now access PVP duels with friends from the main app. They can also use all the Runes and Charms. However, wins or losses will not have any significant effect on their Origins PVP rank.

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