Phantom Galaxies About to Get Phantom Catalyst NFTs
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Phantom Galaxies About to Get Phantom Catalyst NFTs

Get ready for a huge update in Phantom Galaxies! Phantom Catalyst NFTs are here, and they let you modify your Planets, Starfighters, and Avatars like never before.

These special NFTs add unique traits to your generative items. So, you can make them unique and different from all other NFTs in Phantom Galaxies.

Embrace the Power of Phantom Catalyst NFTs

In the world of NFTs, being random is all. But with Phantom Catalyst NFTs, you can take control of your Mintpasses and shape their destiny. These Catalysts give you the power to change the traits of your Planets, Starfighters, and Avatars. So, you get to add a touch of your own self to your game experience.

Unlocking Phantom Catalyst NFTs

Acquiring Phantom Catalyst NFTs is also quite fun. Competitions and in-game quests are just some of the ways to get them. The way to owning a Phantom Catalyst is full of mystery and thrill. So, you get to remain fully engaged in the game.

Unlocking Phantom Catalyst NFTs

Applying Traits to Generative NFTs in Phantom Galaxies

Once you get a Phantom Catalyst NFT, you can apply it to a specific type of Mintpass. Each Catalyst gives one or more traits upon your NFT in the Supermint process. This means you can create unique and distinct items that stand out in the vast universe of Phantom Galaxies.

Phantom Catalysts for NFT Holders

Exciting news awaits NFT holders! Phantom Catalyst NFT drops are on the horizon, catering to different NFT categories. Whether you are part of The Hopeful, Zorran’s Favour, or a Planet Founder, there’s a Phantom Catalyst waiting for you.

For example, The Hopeful will receive a gender catalyst to choose their preferred gender trait. At the same time, Zorran’s Favour holders will receive a rare Avatar Catalyst. Planet Founders will get a Planet Catalyst, and top Planet tiers will also get an extra Rare Planet Catalyst.

Unleashing Your Creativity in Phantom Galaxies

Once you obtain a Phantom Catalyst, the choice is yours. You can integrate it into the minting process of your Avatar, Starfighter, or Planet to enhance their unique traits. Alternatively, you can sell the Phantom Catalyst NFT to other players who desire its power. Phantom Catalyst NFTs open up a world of creative possibilities, and a lot more is still to come.

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