Gafin Zealy Ranking Season 2 Goes Live
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Gafin Zealy Ranking Season 2 Goes Live

Gafin has launched the Zealy Ranking Season 2. This competition is in conjunction with the operating system for communities. Participants will be opportune to earn both tokens and NFTs in prizes. This update comes after the partnership with Metastar Strokers.

Details of Gafin Zealy Ranking Season 2

This competition will begin on the Monday the 9th of May. From that date till the 9th of June, players will get to undertake specific tasks. There are different mission, each one having it’s own allocated experience points Some these assignments are one-timers, while others are repetitive.

These tasks include those listed below:

  • Join the Gafin Discord server: 250 XP
  • Follow Gafin on Twitter: 250 XP
  • Join the Gafin Telegram Channel
  • Follow Gafin on Galxe
  • Retweet and Tweet specific posts on Twitter – 100 XP for each tweet.
  • Visit the Gafin website: 150 XP
  • Follow Gafin’s partners on Twitter: 100 XP for each partner you follow

These five tasks are the first and basic ones. They are also one-time missions that participants cannot do multiple time. However, completing them will open up other missions that contestants can do multiple times and earn more points.

Gafin is setting aside 10,000 Relo NFTs and $5,000 tokens for the Zealy Ranking Season 2. Players can increase their of earning from the prize pool by accumulating all possible experience points.

Meanwhile, the game did not give exact details regarding the distribution of prizes. More so, the team did not state if there will be a leaderboard or a draw.

Gafin Partnership With Metastar Strikers

Gafin Partnership With Metastar Strikers

Gafin has entered into a partnership with Metastar Strikers. This is an arcade football game that combines tfree-to-playlay and play-to-earn mechanisms. Users can choose to delve into gameplay without having to invest their money.

However, free players will not earn rewards that they can trade in for real money. Nonetheless, users can activate earning opportunities by purchasing a Striker or a Stadium. Once they meet this criteria, individuals can start joining ranked matches to earn BL. They can convert these in-game assets into $MSTAR tokens.

Both parties will work together to enlighten players on ways to own digital assets. Making these non-fungible tokens more accessible will enable individuals to entertain themselves in more personalized ways

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