Gafin Kingdomverse Game Night 09
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Gafin Launches Kingdomverse Game Night 09 With a $100 Prize Pool

Gafin, the blockchain gaming platform, has announced that it will be organizing the Kingdomverse Game Night 09. The team is holding this gaming series in partnership with Arabian Games Guild. This organization offers scholarships to the best players to encourage them to join web3 games. Participants will get to enjoy a new game in this edition. It promises to be an exciting experience.

Details of the Gafin Kingdomverse Game Night 09

The Gafin Kingdomverse Game Night 09 will begin by 3:00 PM UTC on the 25th of April. To join this event, players must install the game on their mobile devices. They can download it from either Google Playstore or Apple Store, depending on their device. After completing this step, contestants should join the Gafin Discord server.

After installing the app and joining Discord, create an account with the game. Simply use your email and password to create a profile. Players can begin trying out the game to acclimatize themselves to the gameplay. This will give them an upper hand before the contest begins.

Once the competition starts, players should launch the game and use 2400 Gems in Lucky Spellbook to reach Level 10. Participants should take screenshots of every victory they complete and post them in the General Chat section on Discord. 10 random participants who complete in-game missions will receive $100.

Details of the Gafin Kingdomverse Game Night 09

Meanwhile, interested participants must complete certain steps to get access to this event and earn rewards. The tasks include the following:

  • Connect your wallet to the Galxe platform.
  • Join the Kingdomverse Discord server.
  • Install the Kingdomverse game on your mobile phone.
  • Quote this Kingdomverse Tweet, mention 3 friends, and use the hashtags #LILITH, #GaFin, #GameNight.
  • Follow Kingdomverse on Twitter.
  • Join the Gafin DIscord AMA session by 2:30 PM UTC on the 25th of April. Participants must listen in for at least 20 minutes.
  • Join the Gafin Global Telegram Community.
  • Follow Gafin_io on Twitter
  • Quote the Gafin tweet, mention 3 friends, and use the following hashtags –  #gamenight, #GaFin, #giveaway.

Those who complete these steps will be eligible to receive 10,000 Gafin Tickets. There will be a draw, and these rewards will be randomly distributed among lucky winners. Users can use these tickets to access events, tournaments, and contests that Gafin organize in the future. People may also be able to exchange these items for tokens. NFTs, vouchers, etc.

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