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Phantom Galaxies Set to Launch Poster 4 “Xanorra Slave Barge” NFT

The Mecha Starfighters Battle game on the Blockchain, Phantom Galaxies, has announced the upcoming launch of Poster 4 “Xanorra Slave Barge” NFT.

Interested participants will have a chance to mint Poster 4 NFT using ASTRAFER or ETH through the official game website. The event is slated to launch on November 23 at 12:00 am UTC.

Who Can Participate in the Post 4 “Xanorra Slave Barge” NFT Event?

Phantom Galaxies game announced that at 12:00 am UTC on November 22, a snapshot will capture Redeemed and Unredeemed Poster sets holders for Episodes one to three. Each holder will receive one Poster 4 for each Redeemed or Unredeemed Poster set they hold at no cost. What does this mean? If you hold:

  • Poster 1 Unredeemed, Poster 2 Unredeemed, Poster 3 Unredeemed plus Poster 1 Redeemed, Poster 2 Redeemed, Poster 3 Redeemed, and another Poster 1 Redeemed, Poster 2 Redeemed, and Poster 3 Redeemed, you will get three Poster 4 Unredeemed sets.

phantom galaxies

How to Buy Poster 4 “Xanorra Slave Barge” NFT

The public sale will open to everyone on November 23 at 12:00 am UTC. You do not need any Poster set to buy a Poster 4 “Xanorra Slave Barge” NFT. You can buy them through the official Phantom Galaxies website for 45 ASTRAFER or 0.1 ETH.

According to the game platform, the team will airdrop free Poster 4 NFTs to eligible wallets captured during the snapshot. Holders of all four Posters, Redeemed or Unredeemed or Episode Medal NFTs will have complete access to unique Avatars and Starfighters. 

These Avatars and Starfighters have unique and rare traits and exclusive benefits from Phantom Galaxies. It is worth mentioning that the game platform is currently crafting the generative Starfighters and Avatars.

More Information about Phantom Galaxies

Phantom Galaxies is a game platform that combines open-world space simulation with a fast-paced mech shooter to create a captivating story. Players can select the transforming Mecha Starfighter of their preference to fight against the Sha’Kari. The game features pulse-pounding mech combats, upgradable mechs, and generative avatars.

Gamers can explore the Phantom Galaxies universe and interact with alien species. They can also team up with player organizations and corporations to take their gaming adventures to the next level.

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