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Mines of Dalarnia Releases New Gold Equipment         

A blockchain-based action-adventure platform-mining game metaverse, Mines of Dalarnia, has released its newest first-tier equipment – Gold. According to the game platform, gamers will have the opportunity to craft gold armor, weapons, and picks after the release of Deeper Depths Version 1.1.

Mines of Dalarnia revealed that Gold equipment has lower overall statistics than Ozymodium. However, it starts at Power Level 12. It caps out at +3 Upgrades to attain the upper limit of Power Level-15.

Also, the Gold equipment needs Rank 12 to craft and Miner Rank 10 to wear. Players need to have a piece of upgraded Pick or Sliver Armor to create another piece of Golden Pick or Golden Armor. Meanwhile, the newly crafted item will maintain the features and perks of the Silver item it originated from.

How to Craft Weapons with the New Gold Equipment

Crafting weapons is a bit different from crafting mining tools and weapons. For weapons, players do not have to combine weapons for an upgrade. Rather, each material tier is upgraded to the next level directly. 

If you are planning to craft a Gold weapon, you first need to craft a Copper weapon and then upgrade the weapon to Iron and then to Silver. Next, upgrade the Silver weapon to Ozy, and then Gold.

Mines of dalarnia

It is worth mentioning that weapons have a Power Level that contributes to the Miner Power Level. They generate their suit of perks like Armor and Mining Tools. They also generate features to enable gamers to equip a single gear suit with the capability to access the three features.

More Information on Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia is an action-adventure game metaverse where gamers can conquer the unknown and build wealth. The game platform features impressive gameplay ushering players into the world of the dark mine where they can collect resources to enhance their Attributes and Equipment to combat the dangers of depth. 

Mines of Dalarnia combines dungeon crawling and combat to deliver an exceptionally fresh entry into the genre and leverage the power of blockchain technologies. Investors and players on the game platform can explore abundant resources as they discover, trade, and collect earnings in the metaverse.

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