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How Much Can I Earn Playing REVV Racing?

REVV Racing is an NFT-based arcade simulation car racing game built on the Polygon blockchain by Animoca brands. The game is the newest addition to REVV Motorsport, the ecosystem of motorsport blockchain-based games from the stable of Animoca Brands.

Others include MotoGP Ignition and F1 Delta Time. So, are you interested in playing a racing game with earning potential? Let us see how playing REVV Racing can work for you.

How REVV Racing Works

REVV Racing is not a free-to-play game, which means you must have the REVV token to play and earn from the game. However, players can play the trial mode to familiarize themselves with the game. Note that you must pay the gas fee to practice driving.

If you are good at car racing, you can earn money playing this game. When playing the game, you can race in the first person or choose the third-person view for an immersive experience in the virtual environment.

You also have complete control of the car with access to a real-time tracking feature. Cars in REVV are NFTs and are not the same in value and rarity. Like all non-fungible tokens, you own your car after purchasing it with the REVV token.

revv racing

Players have the freedom to do anything they like with their REVV tokens, including selling them off on an NFT exchange marketplace. Achieving success in this game earns your rewards, which you can convert into fiat currency. 

It is worth mentioning that it is not an easy task to earn rewards in the game. However, with skills and experience, you can begin to compete with thousands of other players to earn rewards through tournaments. 

What are REVV Racing Tournaments and their Earning Possibilities?

There are events where multiple gamers compete for rewards in a prize pool. Competing in a REVV Racing tournament requires you to pay an average of 10 REVV tokens for entry in addition to having an NFT car. This gives you a chance to share in the prize pool allocated for the event.

Sometimes, the prize pool can be up to $150,000 worth of REVV tokens or more. Usually, up to a thousand players can share in this reward. To get started with REVV Racing, you must get an NFT car, which you can buy from the marketplace. You need a crypto wallet and the REVV token to buy an NFT car.

What is the Earning Potential in REVV Racing?

You have two ways you can earn with REVV Racing. First, you can race against other players to win in tournaments. Secondly, you can buy assets, such as in-game NFTs and REVV tokens, and sell them for a profit later. What you earn in this game depends on your skills and how you choose to earn.

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