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Genopets Releases Genopets 0.4.3 App Update

The world’s first move-to-earn NFT-based RPG game, Genopets, has released its Genopets O.4.3 App update. The update covers new banking rewards in food and toys, personal referral codes, new immersive camera angles, and others.

Gamers can access all these new features through the game app, which is available on both Google Play and Apple App Stores. People who already have the app must update their Genopets app to access the latest update.

According to the game platform, the new update comes with some exciting features and security improvements. Therefore, all users must update to continue playing.

Highlights of Invite Codes In-App to Earn

The new update features personal referral invite codes, which players can share with their friends. Individuals’ unique code is available through the Settings options. From Settings, click on “Refer” and copy the code. You can also share it directly with your friend by clicking on it. Each player gets only one invite at the start. As your referral plays, you earn in-game rewards.


What to know about the Food and Toys with Banking Rewards Collection

Banking steps in Genopets is fun because you see your Genopet evolve. The game platform has added a new dimension to the fun with the Banking Rewards. Each day you bank your steps, you unlock Food and Toy items for your Genopet, which they can consume and play with. It is worth mentioning that players cannot use the Food and Toys feature yet. However, they can stock them up for the upcoming Fetch & Feed minigames, which will launch soon.

Highlights of the New Genopet Camera Angles

Genopets has added a new camera system in its app, which is adjustable for all stages, levels, and sizes of Genopets. Therefore, whether you are banking your steps, petting your pet, or simply admiring your pet in its Habitat, the camera will adapt to capture the best side. You can zoom in to see the activities of your Genopet.

Gamers can summon their Genopets and start moving to start evolving and exploring together. According to the game platform, players can look forward to future updates as 2023 is loaded with many exciting announcements and gaming opportunities.

More about Genopets

Genopets is an NFT-based game where gamers get to earn rewards. They can explore, battle, and evolve their digital pet as they walk and undertake daily challenges. The game provides a unique metaverse called Genoverse where players can begin their journey into a rewarding active lifestyle.

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