Guild of Guardians Unveils Beautiful Corner Update
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Guild of Guardians Unveils Beautiful Corner Update

Guild of Guardians is unveiling the Beautiful Corner Update. Some weeks ago, the team released the demo version of this game mode. Within the three-day period, there was significant participation among users. Besides engaging in gameplay, people also shared their feedback on the experience.

Following the success of this initiative, GOG appreciated everyone for their support. For example, more than 160 players averaged 8 hours of game time daily for 3 days. More so, 65% of these people spent up to 12 hours daily on the game. In addition, these individuals crafted 5,567 pieces of equipment that they used for gaming. Participants even added that they will play Guild of Guardians consistently when the mainnet goes live.

Details of the Guild of Guardians Beautiful Corner Update

The aim of this demo version is for players to get insight into what the final edition of gameplay will entail. To ensure that participants get a wholesome experience, the team incorporated every aspect of the gaming into this testnet. This includes a more refined game that contains the important mechanics and core systems like farming and endless dungeon. The only drawback is that the participants selected for this exercise were smaller compared to prior trials.

Details of the Guild of Guardians Beautiful Corner Update

Regardless of the number, these individuals thoroughly engaged in gaming and shared their feedback with the team. In turn, GOG will use these reviews as a framework for further development. Meanwhile, there are already hints on several aspects of gameplay that will undergo modifications.

Some of them include those outlined below:

  • Further development to the First Time User Experience to enable newbies to easily acclimatize themselves with the game.
  • Improvement of the interface of the Crafting, Merging and Upgrading mechanics to improve user experience when utilizing these features.
  • Balancing of the room transition and gameplay speed to avoid in-game glitches.
  • Upgrading the combat and balance systems to ensure player actions take effect in real-time.
  • Addition of adequate background music and better sound effect to ensure a more immersive gameplay experience.

Guild of Guardians will be launching a Limited Beta of its game after completing the Beautiful Corner Update. Although there is no fixed date, that release will take place in the third quarter of 2023.

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