Axie Infinity Brings Back Streamer Rewards and Offers Prizes
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Axie Infinity Brings Back Streamer Rewards and Offers Prizes

The popular blockchain game Axie Infinity is bringing back its Streamer Rewards program. This gives prizes to creators who stream Axie content.

The first round was months ago and almost 200 streamers were a part of that. So, the rewards are even bigger now with more joining in.

Bigger Prize Pool from Axie Infinity

Firstly, 300 AXS coins were available last time for the winners. So, Axie Infinity is doubling that to 600 AXS this round, and that’s over $9000 in value! Streamers can also earn limited avatar and border cosmetics, and these exclusives are only for reward program participants.

How Prizes Get Awarded

Secondly, the top 50 streamers by hours will go into a raffle. Each will get a random prize based on their tier placement. Thirty-five more streamers who do at least 20 hours also get entered to win 5 AXS. Also, even if you stream a little bit, you will get a prize chance.

Avatar and Border Rewards

Avatar and Border Rewards

Thirdly, if you stream for 15 hours, you can earn the special border, and for thirty hours you will get a unique avatar. Also, the top 30 for average viewers or watch time also get both, even if they didn’t stream enough. Just signing up and hitting goals guarantees these exclusive cosmetics.

What Streams Should Include

Streams must be on Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, or similar platforms. Videos need to be enabled so hours can be verified. Additionally, streams must be under “Axie Infinity” and play Axie titles like Origins, Homeland, and forthcoming games. No old reruns or cheating allowed.

How to Enter the Rewards

Sign up with the entry form before September 10th, 2023, at 11:59 pm EST. Then start streaming Axie games based on the guidelines. Only the hours between August 17th and September 17th will count.

Prizes Will Be Sent Automatically

Finally, Axie Infinity will send out AXS coins and digital rewards automatically within 1-2 weeks of the contest ending. Winner announcements will be available on Axie’s social media as well.

Chance for Everyone to Win

Any Axie streamer can participate and has a fair chance at prizes. Slow and steady streaming gives as much opportunity as marathon streams. This rewards program celebrates the creators and community on the game platform, and even a few hours could result in exclusive prizes and AXS!

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