Nakamoto Games New In-Game Quests
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Nakamoto Games Unveils New In-Game Quests

Nakamoto Games is always thriving to become the go-to ecosystem for all play to earn and metaverse games. As such, it is not surprising that it is launching new in-game quests. According to the announcement, this is part of the firm’s plans to increase the playing options for users.

Following this launch, players can now enjoy more earning opportunities. Surmounting these challenges will result in players getting tickets, EXP, and Badges as compensation. More so, these in-game quests will take effect from Friday the 3rd of June 2022. In addition, they will be integrated into every game mode.

There are currently 21 in-game quests in the Nakamoto Games ecosystem. They are stages of accomplishments in gameplay. Therefore, users will earn more as they climb up the ranks. Similarly, players will have to pay higher to engage in more rated levels.

Details of the Nakamoto Games In-Game Quests

All you need to know about Nakamoto Games

Here is a breakdown of how this system will operate:

  1. Welcome To Nakamoto Games: Play any free-to-earn game 3 times to get a Freewheeler badge and 500 EXP
  2. Missions For Newbie: Purchase 3 tickets and 3 shields to get 700 EXP, the Big spender and Powered Up badge.
  3. Let’s Play: Play NAKA Strike Singleplayer, NAKA TD, and Candy Shop twice. Get 1 ticket, 1,00 EXP, the Lone Wolf, Sweet Tooth and Defender badges.
  4. Enjoy With Friends: Play NAKA Strike Multiplayer and NAKA Racing 3 times. Get 1 ticket, 1,500 EXP, the Pack Hound and joy Rider EXP.
  5. Beginner Runner: Score 30,000 points in 5 separate runs to receive 700 EXP, the Marathoner and Running Riot badges.
  6. Relentless Runner: Score 100,000 in 10 different runs to get 1 ticket, 1,400 EXP and a Running The Show badge.
  7. Candy Connoisseur: Score18,000 points 5 times to receive 700 EXO with the Sweet Tooth and Sugar Rush badges.
  8. Candy Craver: Score 35,000 points in 10 separate attempts. Earn 1 ticket, 700 EXP and a Candimonium badge.
  9. New Soldier: Play both NAKA Strike Singleplayer and NAKA Strike Multiplayer five times. Earn 700 EXP, alongside the Striker and Army Of One badges.
  10. Mission Impossible: Score 4,500 and 5,000 points in NAKA Strike. Earn the Top Dog and Apex Predator Badges, 1 ticket and 1,400 EXP.
  11. Defend Your Tower: Score 10,00 points in five separate defences to earn 1 shield and 700 EXP. You will also get the Guardian and Tower Tactician badges.
  12. Tower Tactics: Play NAKA TD and score 10,000 points five times. Earn 1 shield, 700 EXP, the Guardian and Tower Tactician badges.
  13. Become A Pirate: Score 3,00 points on 5 different points while playing ZAKA. Earn 700 EXP, alongside the Baller and Treasure Hunter badges.
  14. Lord Of The Sea: Score 5,500 points five times while playing ZAKA. Earn 1 marble, 1,400 EXP and a Poseidon Protege badge.
  15. Nightmare: Score 8,000 in five different times on Spooky RUn. Earn 700 EXP with the Run For Your Life and Grave Runner badges.
  16. Wake Up: Score 15,00 points or more on Spooky Run over 5 different occasions. Earn the Frightening Skills badge, 1 ticket and 1,400 EXP.
  17. Dangerous: Earn 600 points on 5 occasions when drill-seeking. Receive a reward of 700 EXP, with Joy Rider and Drifter badges.
  18. Become A Fighter: Score 40,000 points 5 separate times in NAKA Galactic. Earn Space Cadet and Galactic Conqueror badges, alongside 700 EXP.
  19. Survive To Alive: Score 60,000 points in NAKA Galactic. Earn a Space invader badge, 1 oil and 1,400 EXP.
  20. Popcorn Lover: Score 4,000 points on 5 different occasions. Earn the Pop Fan and Pop star badges, alongside 700 EXP.
  21. Popcorn Master: Burst 5,500 points on 5 separate occasions. Earn a Pop Icon Badge, 1 ticket and 1,400 EXP.

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