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Rikkei Finance Celebrates its Partnership with Kaby Arena

Rikkei Finance, a Web3 platform, has partnered with Kaby Arena, a free-to-play RPG NFT-based game platform, to provide a unique NFT Rental Marketplace for gamers. The Marketplace is designed to help maximize the earning potential and gaming experience of all players on the platform.

It is worth mentioning that Kaby Arena is an RPG game platform that combines play-to-earn and free-to-play to offer an open economy for players on its platform. 

Why NFT Rental Marketplace?

Each player at Kaby Arena needs to have a strong team to finish the daily challenges and reach the top rankings. While the free-to-play mode of the game allows players to train free heroes to get stronger and use them in the game, the process takes time and effort.

Also, a lot of players do not have the adequate initial capital to buy the required NFTs. Meanwhile, some other players have enough NFT heroes that they can spare. This is where the NFT Rental Marketplace comes into focus.

The rental service provided by Rikkei Finance will provide a gateway for players on Kaby Arena to acquire the NFTs required at a great price. Players also have the option to lend and rent NFTs, in addition, to selling and buying. With this, NFT holders can make more profits from rental services.

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How the Rikkei Finance NFT Rental Marketplace Works

Rikkei Finance offers Kaby Arena players an NFT Renting Service on a peer-to-peer NFT rental platform. Holders of NFTs can list their spare NFTs on RiFi Rental marketplace and agree to lend them out for a certain amount and timeframe.

Interested players can then rent these NFTs to play their games and earn from their gaming adventures. The owners of the NFTs also earn interest from their digital assets. That means owners can maximize profits earned from their NFTs instead of outright sale, which can be at a loss.

Also, for players, rather than spend a huge sum to purchase new items, they can rent the same for a limited period and use them based on their needs. The collaboration between Rikkei Finance and Kaby Arena will offer great user benefits to every player on the game platform.

Rikkei Finance has announced that the NFT Rental Marketplace for Kaby Arena will launch on June 15.

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