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Faraland Releases New Update for the Week 

The multi-player RPG NFT-based game on BSC, Faraland, has released its weekly update focusing on projects it completed within the past week and projects in progress.

It further revealed new projects the community can look forward to in the coming weeks. 

Highlights of the New Update

Completed Projects

  • The Release of New Crafting Recipes and Crafting Success Rates: Faraland mentioned it is taking the suggestions from its community to adjust the success rate of the game’s Crafting feature. With this, players can easily access Crafting items while enjoying the fluidity of materials on the marketplace.
  • Addition of Four New Equipment Sets and Three Unique Items: The game platform is introducing new sets of equipment and items, which it will release on September 15. These items and equipment sets include Crafting Angel, Crafting Elf, and Lady of the Lake.


According to Faraland, set items under the Lady of the Lake feature will not include sub-weapon and main-weapon. They will come under the Crafting feature.

  • Wheel of Fortune Design: Faraland is also adding this feature to its gaming platform. The design comes in Low Rarity Materials and High Rarity Materials. It allocates the low rarity materials to the low and medium farming locations to enable players to farm with their heroes with weak or medium strength.

The game platform allocates the high rarity materials to wheeling of fortune to enable players with strong heroes to stake and get rewards without farming.

Projects in Progress

Five New Staking Quests: The game platform is currently working on new staking quests to enable players to have more opportunities of getting tickets to use the Wheel of Fortune. 

Other projects Faraland is working on include:

  • The design of rewards for each ranking milestone within the PvP mode.
  • The design of a counter for the least number of battles needed to earn rewards in PvP mode.
  • The design of new animation for PvE game mode.

Upcoming Projects

Faraland will be adding new features and items to its platform soon. The highlights of these upcoming additions include:

  • More new bosses will feature in different camps across different levels.
  • Seven new active race skills to support causing damage for heroes.
  • Precision mechanism development within the PvP mode to make the game more balanced.
  • Equipment and set effects.

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