Everdome Spaces: A New Era of Metaverse Experience
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Everdome Spaces: A New Era of Metaverse Experience

Everdome, the first hyper-realistic metaverse, has announced the opening of Everdome Spaces, its Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS) product. This innovative platform allows users to create and customize their own spaces in the metaverse, offering a unique virtual experience with the most realistic graphics possible.

Everdome Spaces combines the social or professional interactions and simplicity of use from web2 with the web3 technology of the future. It aims to immerse users in a unique virtual experience, seeking mass adoption by engaging users through games, on-platform businesses, and social interactions.

The platform has been developed with hyper-realistic graphics, making the difference between being in Everdome and real-life barely noticeable. Everdome Spaces has all you need to quickly spin out your own corner of the metaverse, invite guests, and explore a new digital world together.

Everdome Aims to Bridge the Gap Between Users and Web3

Everdome Spaces: A New Era of Metaverse Experience

Everdome’s vision is to bring brands and people together with the intent of building the highest quality web3 experience. The platform provides a variety of bespoke and turnkey solutions to facilitate in-world marketplaces, increasing reach, and consumer base whilst allowing the offering of brand-new, wholly digital products and services.

Everdome Spaces also provides a unique space for truly memorable events, exhibitions, and retrospectives hosted in the metaverse for a new and unique audience. The platform has already hosted several events, including the Hybrid Animals AI Art Exhibition and the Tribute to Miss Teen Crypto.

Everdome’s individual investors, known as ‘Evernauts’, are blockchain and metaverse enthusiasts with a strong belief in a Web3 future. Everdome provides them with unique experiences and investment opportunities with a long-term perspective.

With the opening of Everdome Spaces, the metaverse adventure now opens its doors to the Landholding community, gradually scaling the number of active Evernauts in the experience. This marks a significant milestone in Everdome’s journey into the metaverse.

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