Season 2 of Tiny Kingdom zkSync Has a Brand-New Update
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Season 2 of Tiny Kingdom zkSync Has a Brand-New Update

The first season of Tiny Kingdom zkSync was a huge success. Now, the game is ready to launch an action-packed season 2 update of its Play to Earn gameplay.

This will give Tiny Warriors more ways to battle and earn rewards in the Tiny Kingdom. Here are some of the biggest changes coming in the new update.

Open Boss Battles Bring New Challenges

Firstly, brand new boss battle gameplay is coming in season 2. Heroes will need special boss gear to get attribute bonuses against bosses. The battle effects will be random to keep things interesting. Players can take on bosses anytime without daily limits. Bosses may also directly drop materials after battles.

Quest Events Give More Purpose to Materials

Secondly, a new quest event is planned for later in season 2. This event will make the materials collected in the game more useful. Tiny Warriors should start gathering as many materials as possible now to prepare.

Improved Drop Rates Make Growth Easier

Thirdly, drop rates for rare orange materials will increase in season 2. This makes it easier to obtain the materials needed to grow your heroes. Role growth will be accelerated with the improved drop rates.

Open Boss Battles Bring New Challenges

Castle Power Rankings Changed to 3 Days

The castle power rankings will now be based on a 3-day average instead of 7 days. So, this allows true castle power to show up a lot faster on the leaderboards. Also, it shows that the platform is eager to listen to user feedback.

Experience Gained Only from Campaigns

Heroes will no longer gain experience from the arena or boss battles. Leveling up heroes will now need to be done through campaign battles. This means killing monsters is going to be the key focus for players now.

Tinymon Exchanges Balanced for Progression

Repeatedly exchanging Tinymon essence for experience potions will cost more essence each time per day. So this helps balance player progression, and the game will be even more fair for all players.

Text Content Updated for Better Understanding

Finally, the text guides and Tinymon skill descriptions are much better than before now. This will help new players learn while also providing veterans with a handy game guide.

So Much to Look Forward To

So, The Tiny Kingdom zkSync season 2 update takes the fun to the next level for Tiny Warriors. Exciting new boss battles, quest events, better drop rates, and more await in the action-packed new season. Stick around for all the epic adventures ahead on the platform!

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