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Meka Ape Launches its 2nd NFT Minting on December 23

Meka Ape, a 3D P2E game Metaverse, has announced the launch of its second NFT minting event scheduled to hold on December 23 at 6 pm EST. Suffice to mention that the first mint event of the game platform was sold out when it took place. 

Interested participants will be able to buy the Meka Ape NFT on the Ethereum blockchain and trade the same in the marketplace. To participate in the event, you will need to connect your metamask wallet through the Ethereum network. You can create also create your matamask wallet before the event if you do not have one already.

Highlights of the Meka Ape NFTs

There are a total of 10,101 special Meka Apes available to be minted. These have been generated randomly in 3D. These creatures are grouped into factions, known as the Talerians. The Talerians factions are Ezelians, Sarkhanis, Lazarians, and Atamyrs

Individuals participating in the minting event have the opportunity to choose one out of the five factions to become a part of the Meka Ape Metaverse. Additionally, they can choose specific accessories that they want with their Meka Ape NFTs, such as clothes, earrings, eyeglasses, hats, chains, and weapons, among others. 

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The currency that will be used for the transaction is Ethereum and participants can bid their preferred amount for the Meka Ape NFTs with the item going to the highest bidders. Holding the NFTs comes with many benefits. 

Apart from being tradable collectibles, the Meka Apes would be the in-game asset, which all players must have to play the adventurous game. The game involves numerous tasks and challenges that gamers have to complete to earn rewards. These rewards can be converted to NFTs, which can be traded in the marketplace.

More about the Meka Ape Game

The game is premised on the story of the descent of the Meka Apes to the Earth after the self-imposed problem of humanity. The mission of the Meka Apes is to collect the Beryllium resources available on Planet Earth. 

To do this, they must demonstrate bravery and war against unknown creatures ravaging the Earth. To participate in this game, players must own Meka Apes. This gives players access to more NFT assets and characters to own and use in the Meka Ape Game.

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