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MagicCraft Launches Content Creation Contest

MagicCraft is launching a Content Creation Contest to enable players to showcase their gameplay skills and knowledge. The announcement was made by 12:00 PM UTC on the 2nd of January, 2023. It features a massive prize pool and is expected to run from then till the 1st of July 2023.

The update comes just days after the team announced that the game is now available for PC. This release makes it easier for users to join the exciting MOBA action. Interested persons should visit this Amazon AWS site to download the zip folder. After downloading the file, run the.exe file to complete the installation on your computer. However, this opportunity is only open to those with VIP beta access.

Details of the MagicCraft Content Creation Contest

MagicCraft is launching this content creation contest with a prize pool of more than 100,000 $MCRT. According to the team, members have sent them some fantastic creations over the past. While these creative works have helped to promote the project, there have been no direct incentives for the brains behind it. This is why they are offering the community an opportunity to get compensation for their efforts.

MagifCraft is Now Available on PC

Although only players with a VIP pass can join the beta test, the content creation campaign features those without access.

This competition will feature these categories and rewards::

  • Meme pictures related to MagicCraft: 100-10,000 $MCRT
  • Funny videos related to MagicCraft: 100-25,000 $MCRT
  • Gameplay videos from the MagicCraft beta: 100-25,000 $MCRT
  • Meme or Video content from supported MagicCraft Cannels. This includes Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or Twitch: 100-100,000 $MCRT

Rules and Regulations:

Before joining the MagicCraft content creation contest, ensure to familiarize yourself with the following rules:

  • Players can get as creative as possible. The only requirement is that the content must be related to MagicCraft.
  • Users can submit their videos by posting them on social media or uploading them to Google Drive. Those who use the Google Drive option should ensure that anyone with the link can view the video.
  • Those who create funny or gameplay videos should use Google Drive. The file must not be larger than 500 MB per video.
  • Social media posts with more likes and engagements stand higher chances of winning. As such, participants should promote their submission and encourage their friends to engage it.
  • After submitting your entry, ensure to fill out this Google Form to complete the process. Failure to do so will render your work invalid.

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