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Ninneko Christmas Airdrop Launched and Runs till December 26

In the spirit of the Christmas season, Ninneko, a leading-edge NFT-based game platform that combines Breeding system and Idle RPG gameplay, has launched its special Christmas Airdrop. The game platform announced through its Twitter page that it is holding a massive Airdrop event starting from December 21 to December 26, 2021. 

The event will allow the member of the Ninneko community to win different categories of Wild Cats, including Ruby Catbox, Wild Cat, and NFT Cat.

How to Participate in the Christmas Airdrop Event

Interested participants in the Christmas Airdrop event are required to go through the link on the official Twitter page of Ninneko and complete the specific tasks given. Each task gives one point and whenever you send an invite to another person about the event, you also get one point. 

At the end of the event, the results will be collated and the rewards will be distributed among the winners. The top one point gets three Wild Cats and the Top two five points get one Wild Cat. The top six to ten points will get one Ruby Catbox and the top eleven to fifty points will get one NFT Cat

Participants that do not fall in the top fifty also have the opportunity to participate in a lucky draw to win an NFT Cat. A total of 50 NFT Cats are available to participants to win during the Christmas Airdrop event.

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Highlights of Ninneko Game

Ninneko is a Cat Ninja play-to-earn game developed on the Binance Smart Chain. It combines Breeding System and Idle RPG gameplay to offer gamers an adrenaline-pumping game experience. The in-game currency is $NINO and players can purchase the currency directly from the official Ninneko website. 

Players can earn more money while playing Ninneko. They can breed, summon, and trade Ninnekos in the marketplace and they can also stack $NINO and NFT Ninnekos to redeem and earn in-game rewards. They also have the opportunity to trade different game items with other players in the metaverse.

What to know about the Ninneko Gameplay

Ninneko uses the Idle System in its gameplay, which offers players incremental rewards as they play the game. Players gain momentum as they fight against the enemies and protect their village from being destroyed. 

They can also participate in strategic battles by making an alliance with teams and developing skills to defeat the enemies. Players own their Ninnekos and they are free to trade those assets in the marketplace.

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