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Popop World Announces Popman Stake Feature

Popop World – the world’s first mini-games platform on blockchain, has announced a new Popman stake feature. Whereby users who have minted the NFT but do not have time to play can now earn rewards. While giving this update, it also issues the formula for this process. This comes alongside the release of a YouTube tutorial on how to participate.

Details of theย  Popman Stake Feature By Popop World

The Popman stake feature is a daily earn mechanism. As such, there is no time frame for it. Instead, the system will check the staking of Popman by 11:59:59 PM (GST) every day. After which Popop World will automatically distribute EXP rewards and settle players. As such, you do not need to do anything after investing your NFTs.

However, you will have to unstake any Popman you want to use to play. This is because you can utilize any invested asset for gameplay. You will not be able to upgrade or sell it. In addition, you can increase your EXP rewards by holding more vePOP.ย  Furthermore, users can subsidize the gas fee by staking at least 6 NFTs. As they will only have to pay gas fee once per stake. More so, there is no upper limit as to how much you can deposit.

However, there is an algorithm that will determine how users will earn rewards. It combines the amount of Popman you invest and the amount of vePOP you are holding. There are certain factors that come to play. For example, the vePOP holdings determine how much stake bonus a user gets.

Popop World New Economic Model

Below is a breakdown:

  • Less than 100 vePOP – x0.5 Stake Bonus
  • 100 to 410 vePOP – x1 Stake Bonus
  • 410 to 1260 vePOP – x1.5 Stake Bonus
  • 1260 to 4200 vePOP – x2 Stake Bonus
  • 4200 – 12800 vePOP – x2.5 Stake Bonus
  • 128000 or more vePOP – x3 Stake Bonus

Another important aspect is the Popman level bonus and energy summary. These also play crucial roles in the amount of level bonus that users will receive. Below is a breakdown:

  • B level – 10 Energy – 100% Bonus
  • A Level – 13 Energy – 200% Bonus
  • S Level – 15 Energy – 400% Bonus
  • SS Level – 15 Energy – 600% Bonus
  • SSS Levek – 15 Energy – 1000% Bonus

The formula goes thus: Rewards = EXP x Popman Level Bonus x Popman remaining Energy Value x vePOP Stake Bonus

Therefore, a user stakes 10 SSS-Popman and has 12,800 vePOP. The daily reward will be the following:

20 x 1000% x 15 x 3 x10 = 90,000 EXP

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