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Axie Infinity Launches the Axie Creator Program

Axie Infinity – an adventure, arena and breeding game, launches the Creator Program. This is in line with the game’s values by incentivizing Lunacians with support and rewards. It joins other initiatives like

  • AXS leaderboard rewards
  • Lunacian Codes
  • IRL meetup grants
  • Esports grants
  • Gated forum
  • Builders program
  • Social media contests and more.

More so, the announcement comes after earlier updates to the Origin ecosystem.

Details of the Axie Creator Program

After several calls from Lunacians, Axie Infinity has agreed to launch a Creator focused program. The essence is to identify and support creative individuals who contribute to the Axie ecosystem. Although it may seem simple, but this project will feature its own Challenges. Therefore, the team is seeking the help of QU3ST to prevent all foreseeable issue. With whom they were able to develop a framework as well as an FAQ that will answer the following questions:

How to Participate

The Creator program is for individuals who fall into the following categories:

  • Content Creators (video, live, audio, written)
  • Creatives (artists, editors, memers, cosplayers)
  • Developers
  • Contributors (guilds, niche communities, event organizers, competitive players)

There will be two phases in this project. The first will be about establishing processes for collecting feedback from participants. After which, the team will provide aid using the information from stage 1. As such, Axie is calling on its community to join hands in shaping this system. This way, it can best support all the contributors.

The first period will end only when the team has enough date from its members. From phase 2, there will be regular prompts and call-to-actions. In turn, this will help to boost the morale, contributions and creativity of participants. As the outputs and engagements will serve as metrics for measuring performance. Which will play significant roles on how contestants will progress in the scheme. To join the program, users will have to do the following:

  • Join the Axie Infinity Discord server
  • Introduce yourself in the chat section of the Creators Program (#creator-central)
  • Engage with staff members of Axie Infinity that are overseeing the scheme.

Rewards and Other Details

Axie Infinity Battle and Earn

There will be various incentives to encourage creator contributions. However, the plan is to start with simple and easily accessible rewards. After which the team will now introduce more complex benefits as it gathers more feedback. At a glance, here are the prizes for participants:

  • Access to: news, initiatives, patches, key moments, and events.
  • Support via: dedicated points-of-contact, social media engagement, and monetary grants.

As part of gathering feedback, there will be a PH Twitter Spaces on @axiephofficial. This will take place on the 19th of June by 9 AM EST.

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