Axie Infinity Origin Update
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Axie Infinity Issues Origin Update

Axie Infinity is issuing an update to Origin. It features improvements to gameplay, as well as bug fixes. This comes just hours after it unveiled upgrade plans and phases that the new ecosystem will follow. The changes will take effect in the later hours of the 16th of June 2022. The game will be unavailable until the dev team completely effect the necessary modification.

Details of the Axie Infinity Origin Update

To ensure player satisfaction, Axie Infinity is working with every feedback it got. In this regard, it will be removing the Disarm Turn 1 mechanism in the Arena Mode. In this Origin update, players that go first will be able to attack their opponents with their cards on their first attempt.

Another significant modification in this upgrade involves the use of Energy and the drawing of Cards. Going forward, this will be the new approach:

  • Every player will be able to gain 1 Energy and draw 3 cards on their first turn.
  • In the second round, each player will be able to get 2 Energy and draw 4 cards.
  • Although they will only be able to gain 2 Energy by the third bout, they can now draw 5 cards.
  • Similarly, they will only be able to draw 5 cards on the fifth play. However, they will now gain 3 Energy instead.

Asides the scaling systems for cards, gamers should expect changes to the use of shields and secrets. They include the following:

  • Whenever you play a secret, your opponent will not know that you have dealt a card.
  • In addition, all cards with a Shield will take effect as a Secret. As such, they will follow the rule that is stated above.
  • Therefore, Shields will be completely hidden from your opponent until your Axie takes a hit.

Before now, the stats on your rival is usually displayed on the top right of your screen. This includes the available energy and the number of cards in each of their pile. Following this update, opponent info will now be hidden. In addition, the Bloodmoon will now start on turn 17. Furthermore, Multi-hit and AoE attacks will hit all targets at the same time.

Bug Fixes and UI Improvements

axie infinity origin update

There will also be significant transformation of the user interface for a better gameplay experience. They include:

  • Addition of new sound effects.
  • Multi-hit attacks will not target dead enemies any more.
  • The Regenerator Rune now cleanses 2 debuffs.
  • Players will now receive the correct number of Victory Stars.
  • Changing of the standing position of the Axie. So that the “end turn” button doesn’t interrupt gaming.
  • Rankings will no longer be shifted to the left.
  • The virtual keyboard bug has also been fixed.
  • When players has 0 Energy, they will no longer be able to deal a Card that require the use of Energy.

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