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Bomb Crypto Releases Staking Rules for the Guaranteed IDO Round

Bomb Crypto, a play-to-earn bomber blockchain-based game platform, has released the details of the staking rules for its Guaranteed IDO Round. The IDO event, whose date will be announced after the staking process on June 27, will feature a total of 1000 slots

500 IDO slots will be for BCOIN Staking and the remaining 500 would be for SEN Staking. According to the game metaverse, players must stake their BCOIN/SEN before 9:00 pm UTC on June 27.

Highlights of the Staking Rules for the Guaranteed IDO Round

All interested players must stake their BCOIN/SEN before 9:00 pm on June 27 to participate in the event. Any player that does not stake before the highlighted timeframe will not be able to participate in the IDO Guaranteed Round.

The top 500 players that stake SEN/BCOIN the most will be chosen for the IDO Guaranteed Whitelist. It is essential to note that during the IDO process and shortly after the listing, participants must not unstake their SEN/BCOIN to remain eligible. However, they can unstake after July 6.

bomb crypto

The details of the IDO event will be announced after the June 27 deadline for the staking process. It is worth mentioning that the BCOIN token is the primary in-game currency in the Bomb Crypto game. It is designed to be used for purchasing Bomber heroes, and upgrading Bomber level.

The SEN token, on the other hand, is primarily used to develop a platform for supporting the economic and financial system applied to the Metaverse and GameFi products within the ecosystem of Senspark.

What is Bomb Crypto?

The Bomb Crypto game metaverse is a Bomber game and NFT collectibles platform on the blockchain. The game offers players the opportunity to fight, collect, and trade monsters for real money.

The game follows the play-to-earn game mode where players control a group of bomb heroes of cyborgs programmed to fight monsters and look for BCOIN. Each hero of cyborgs has unique stats. Lucky players can locate bomb heroes with great stats and upgrade or sell them to improve their combat ability and performance.

It is worth mentioning that each bomber hero is a Non-fungible Token designed to increase trade-ability and ownership. Players can hunt for other NFT collectibles and items like decorations to enhance their experiences in the Bomberland.

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