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Thetan Arena Re-introduces the Fusion Event

The first MOBA e-sport game powered by blockchain technology, Thetan Arena, announces the launch of its hottest special event, Fusion, with details on how participants can maximize and leverage the benefits.

According to Thetan Arena, participants can acquire as many heroes as they like and also have the opportunity to collect gTHC rewards. They only have to spend as much THC as they can to climb up the leaderboard and earn the rewards. The event starts today, November 23, and will run until November 30.

Highlights of Output Heroes Available in Fusion

Fourteen output heroes are available for the event and participants can find them on the marketplace. Participants will implement similar mechanics as the previous event to participate in the event. The fourteen output heroes available for this event are:

  • Chef Octopus (Gourmet Chef)
  • Kong Key (Godz-rilla)
  • Velvet (Violet Blossom)
  • Velvet (Lunar New Year)
  • Shanna (Elf Guardian)
  • Shanna (Dynasty’s Ranger)
  • Cala (Cat Ninja)
  • Phoenix (Strelitzia)
  • El Dragon (Lifeguard)
  • Durass (Mystic Student)
  • Rei (Star Batter)
  • Meiko (Ghost Captain)
  • Culien (Boomby Shark)
  • Mary (The Forgotten Noble)

Thetan arena

Details of Mechanics for the Fusion Event

Participants require three NFTs to complete a fusing. You cannot rent out these NFTs or put them out for sale on the marketplace. You must pick one hero from your inventory and the other two from the requirement pool.

Participants who achieve personal milestones will unlock individual rewards. It is worth mentioning that most output heroes will be of Legendary and Epic rarities. Additionally, the gTHC Battle points, level, and rarity of the hero will determine the output hero’s value.

Heroes with higher input will have a lower cost of fusing and participants can refresh if they are unsatisfied with the output. Thetan Arena mentioned that it will change the output hero pool after a particular period. The game platform recommends that participants should stock up on heroes to enable them to make the best of the Fusion event this time.

Tips for Fusion Success

Thetan Arena has provided some tips participants can use to achieve success in this Fusion event. The game recommends that users can diversify their hero portfolio and leverage the “Refresh” button for desirable output heroes.

It further advises that they should fuse as many times as possible and climb the leaderboard to earn token rewards. Participants should also consider using heroes with exhaust or few gTHC Battles.

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