The Sandbox Virtual Neighbourhoods Land Sale
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The Sandbox Announces Virtual Neighbourhoods Land Sale

The Sandbox has announced that it will expand its virtual neighbourhoods via a land sale. Following this sale, the game will onboard 14 new brands and celebrities into the Metaverse. This merchandising event will take place in three waves over the coming weeks. Some will be via regular sales, while others will be via auctions on its marketplace.

Unlike previous events, this sale will usher in a more democratic purchasing process. Instead of the traditional method, Sandbox will now distribute digital assets to buyers via a raffle system. As such, there will be two raffle draws in every wave. The first will distribute premium LANDs, while the other is for regular plots.

To be eligible, interested participants must complete the KYC process. This new approach will enable the team to validate that investors have the required number of tokens needed for participation. Buyers can register for both raffles in a signed wave.

Details of The Sandbox Virtual Neighbourhoods Land Sale

Sandbox Virtual Neighbourhoods Land Sale

The first Sandbox Virtual Neighbourhoods Land Sale will kick off on Thursday, the 24th of November, at 3:00 PM UTC. Interested investors must have between 1,011 to 4,683 $SAND in their wallets to participate in this event. The first two areas will feature 634 plots, while 112 premium LANDs will be sold alongside a pack of exclusive NFTs. However, the other 35 ESTATEs will be distributed via auction on OpenSea.

Below are the different waves of sales:

  • California Dreamin – 24th November: Like the name states, this real estate shares features with the city of California. It will host brands that offer that sunny west coast experience. Players who obtain these plots will share spaces with celebrities like Faze Clan, Playboy, Tony Hawk and The Marathon. It consists of 21 ESTATE auctions, 237 Regular and 68 Premium LANDs.
  • The Galleria – December 1st: When the California Dreamin sale is over, The Galleria will be open to buyers. This stylish and upscale region combines top-notch fashion style with media and hospitality. It features celebrities and brands like Paris Hilton, TIME, L’officiel and Cipriani. There will be 15 ESTATE Auctions alongside 44 Premium and 303 regular LANDs for sale.
  • Voxel Madness – 2023: This is the section of SandVerse for gamers and creators. The team wants to end this sale by introducing the Voxel Madness Zone. This neighbourhood will introduce web3 brands like Voxies and Dogami. It will feature 4 ESTATE auctions, 22 Premium and 155 Regular LAND sales.

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