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Metaland-WinGoal Officially Launches WinGoal Game on Polygon

A free-to-play World Cup DApp, Metaland-WinGoal, has officially launched its WinGoal game on Polygon. According to the WinGoal team, it has prepared different exciting events to celebrate the launch.The events coincide with the celebration of the start of the World Cup, and most of these events aligned with activities surrounding the World.

Highlights of Game Events

Extreme Sprint

 This starts on November 21 and will run until December 10. The event has three phases, and the top three players in each will receive unique NFT accessories as rewards. They can use these accessories to decorate their NFTs and enhance their attributes.

Top players will also receive some mystery rewards. The first phase started on November 21 and will end on November 25. The top three players will receive an NFT Head Accessory each. Phase two starts on November 26 and ends on November 30.

The top three players will receive one NFT Face Accessory each. The third phase features the top three on the tournament leaderboard and will start on December 1 to December 10. The top three in this event will each receive an NFT Background Accessory. 

Also, players who make it to the top two in at least two phases will receive a unique prize pack each. The pack includes a limited accessory, a customized NPC plus Text, and a unique theme.


Golden Globes

This event will run until December 18 and it involves participants completing in-game tasks to receive raffle tickets. Every 25 draws will open the Golden Globe to draw an exciting prize.

Legendary Road

This event runs from November 21 to November 30 and it requires that players complete daily tasks in Legendary Road for seven consecutive days. Players that fulfill this requirement will receive different exciting rewards.

Team Support

The event runs until December 18 and involves selecting a team/country in the World Cup to cheer and support. Depending on the performance of your chosen team, you may receive buffs daily as a reward. The team will refresh the buff at 2:00 am UTC, and participants can reselect the team/country they support daily.

Highlights of Community Events of Metaland-WinGoal

Metaland-WinGoal also plans to host different community events. The first of these events is the most attractive player, which will run until November 25. Players are required to change the appearance of their NFT in the Salon and post it in the general Discord channel with the hashtag #mybestnft.

The team of the game platform will choose twenty NFTs to vote for. The other event is the show your confidence event, which starts on November 26 and runs until November 30. Community members can post their selfies, and the top three participants with the most red-heart reactions will receive exciting rewards.

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