GensoKishi Announces Big Updates to the Metaverse LAND Platform
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GensoKishi Announces Big Updates to the Metaverse LAND Platform


  • Integration of LAND NFTs and design data in GENSO Maker.
  • Expansion of functions in GENSO Maker for the creation of spaces in the metaverse.
  • Facilitating transfers of LAND NFTs with integrated designs.

The update of the LAND platform in the GensoKishi metaverse has marked a significant milestone in the user experience within this virtual world.

The integration of LAND NFTs with design data created in GENSO Maker enables a more immersive and valuable experience for digital landowners.

This integration not only directly links data assets such as buildings and objects to the terrain, but also expands the creative possibilities of users.

One of the most notable features of this update is the expansion of GensoKishi Maker features, specifically designed for creating layouts and spaces in the metaverse.

What was once a test functionality is now consolidated as a valuable resource for users, encouraging creativity and customization of virtual environments.

With the facilitation of LAND NFT transfers  with integrated designs, users can now exchange their digital assets more efficiently and seamlessly.

This not only benefits content creators, but also opens up new opportunities for the economy within the GENSO metaverse.

GensoKishi Announces Big Updates to the Metaverse LAND Platform

The Future of the GensoKishi Metaverse

This advancement marks the beginning of a new era in the evolution of the GENSO metaverse.

With the promise of future tools such as the ‘LAND Viewer’ and the strengthening of the functionality of GensoKishi Maker, an exciting landscape is looming for users and content creators in this virtual universe.

The ability to set entry fees for LAND and the inclusion of user-generated content (UGC) in virtual spaces promises greater diversity and dynamism in the user experience.

Additionally, expanded capabilities for LAND NFT owners, such as the ability to place more objects, textures, and polygons, offer a greater degree of customization and detail in the creation of virtual spaces.

These advances point toward a future where creativity and interaction in the metaverse are even more enriching and meaningful for all participants.

The update of LAND in the GENSO metaverse not only represents a step forward in terms of digital asset functionality and value, but also lays the foundation for an exciting future full of possibilities in this ever-evolving virtual world.

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