PlayPoseidon Patch Note 1.4.0
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PlayPoseidon Issues Patch Note 1.4.0

On the 22nd of June 2022, by PlayPoseidon took its game’s server offline to install the patch note 1.4.0. The entire process continued from 6:00 AM UTC till 9:00 AM UTC. This update comes just a few days after the team gave insight to the roadmap for the rest of the year.

Changelog of the PlayPoseidon Patch Note 1.4.0

The PlayPoseidon patch note 1.4.0 focuses mostly on gameplay improvements. This includes access to higher levels while playing. However, there will also be significant modifications to the NFT shop. More so, there will be changes to the prices of digital assets. Below are some modifications to expect:

  • Unlocking Hero Level 7: Following this release, players can now upgrade their hero to level 7 normally. However, the experience points must be greater than or equal to 50,000. On the other hand, they can do a quick advancement. This involves merging 2 Heroes in level 6 together to get one in level 7. For this to work, they have to be of the same character. In addition, players will need an Upgrade Scroll LV7 to complete this process. Otherwise, they have to pay twice the cost of the scroll.
  • Boss Treasure: In the advent of this update, users can now open the Boss Treasure. In addition, PlayPoseidon is recommending that players open as many treasures as possible in a single open. As this will help them make the most of this reward system. Besides, they can only get certain items if they open multiple boxes. Furthermore, players can open as much as 100 in a single attempt.
  • New Gift Item Feature: The dev team is introducing a new feature that will enable you to gift your digital assets to anyone of your choosing. You can now send Totem, Egg, Treasure, Upgrade Scroll, Orb Material, Gem, Book, Key, etc. The major requirement is that the recipient has a BSC address and a web3 wallet.

PlayPoseidon Patch Note 1.4.0 Gameplay

Revamping NFT Shop

One of the major changes coming with this update are major modifications to the in-game marketplace. The Epic and Legendary Keys are now available for sale. To celebrate this upgrade, the Epic key will be available for 120 PPP, instead of 200 PPP. This bonus will only be available till the 1st of July. Other changes to the NFT shop include:

  • Extension of the sale of Rare Egg to 1st of July. Moreover, the price is now back to 0.12 BNB.
  • Legendary Key is now at a discount till the 1st of July. It will go for 0.06 BNB, instead of 0.1BNB.

There are other small changes that will be taking effect. For example, it will now cost a flat fee of 10 PP to craft a rare treasure. There will also be reduction in the cost of upgrading a hero in Tier C.

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