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PlayPoseidon Update 1.2b Goes Live

PlayPoseidon, a play to earn NFT blockchain-based game has announced the release of the update 1.2b. This upgrade follows feedback from players, and it will help to improve the free to play feature of the game. According to the press release, this patch note will go live on Monday the 23rd of May by 10:00 AM UTC.

Details of the PlayPoseidon Update 1.2b

To ensure a better free to play mechanism, PlayPoseidon will be introducing the following features in update 1.2b.:

It will be adding a Swap Pet button in the My Offer tab. With this command, users can easily select an NFT Pet with the same rarity to replace the one they currently have. This will only require a single click. In addition, this feature will enable them to extend the expiry dates of offers as well. More so, the system will prioritize Pets with full or high energy levels when it wants to effect a swap.

Also, the My Offer tab will now display the experience of your Hero in a purple-coloured bar. This feature will help the owner of the in-game character identify if it is due for an upgrade. Or if the asset is upgradable at all. By powering up your NFT, you increase your chances of earning an increased daily income.

PlayPoseidon Hero NFTs

There is now a Revoke button on the main screen. It is close to the NFT and will help you confirm if you want to proceed with the process. This makes it much faster to do so. All you need to do is select “Yes” or “No”. Players will no longer have to use the My Offer tab like in the past. Also, the Free to Play tab will not display offers that do not involve any income. This is because all pets without adequate energy have been farmed. Also, the NFT Hero daily farm cap has been met.

The following have also been optimized:

  • APIs call to Game Server from Client.
  • Client code to prevent Client cheating tool to manipulate Game Client data.
  • Cheat detection system, cheating accounts may be banned automatically within days.
  • ToS will not appear when a player is using multiple accounts within the same device.

Double Reward Event

The 31st SEA GAMES in Ha Noi will be coming to a close. To join in this celebration, the PlayPoseidon dev team will be creating a 2-day double reward event. From the 23rd to the 25th of May, PPP rewards from normal matches and F2P matches will see a 100% increment.

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