The Metaverse and Emerging Trends in 2022
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The Metaverse and Emerging Trends in 2022

The Metaverse has become a popular concept in our world today. Although it’s a new concept for many, it has huge potential of launching endless possibilities for our world. Without a doubt, the emerging trends of the virtual world are driving people, including enterprises, to explore the virtual reality that the Metaverse has to offer.

One of such enterprises is Facebook. Facebook moved into the evolving technological trend in 2021 and rebranded to Meta. This move has further popularized the smooth integration of the virtual world into the physical world.

We now have a 3D digital space where people can create, connect, and network through technological innovation in wearable technologies, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

 The world is entering into a new revolution in the digital world and the Metaverse trends are experiencing unimaginable growth. So what are the emerging trends in 2022 that the world should watch out for in the virtual universe?

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VR and AR in Gaming

3D Technology, Virtual Reality, Augmented Realities, and sonic systems are strong players in the world of virtual gaming. The growth of the Metaverse has also significantly contributed to the exponential growth of these technologies. It has strengthened their relevance and valuation.

According to 2021 reports, the VR and AR headsets market has remarkably increased by about 61%. The Hong Kong-based game platformthe Sandbox, has created a decentralized virtual universe.

This is a platform where users can buy virtual Land, create personalized avatars, host events, exchange ideas, and govern the land. Gamers can also explore the digital world and monetize their virtual experiences.

Virtual Art Galleries

Digital art creation is currently on the rise, thanks to the growth in the popularity of blockchain technology, NFTs, and digital assets. According to reports, virtual art galleries are considered one of the most widely adopted Metaverse trends in the industry.

They are a new immersive space where digital creators and artists can display and trade their NFT assets for collectors. It is worth mentioning that the current market worth of virtual art galleries is about $2.5 million.

Without a doubt, the digital space has launched a new gateway to limitless possibilities of experimenting and experiencing art. The decentralized network also ensures the ownership and intellectual property rights of every piece of art on the platform. 

the metaverse

Digital Marketplace

The pandemic has taught the world about the importance of technology. The disruption in the traditional brick-and-mortar platforms has led to an increase in the adoption of e-commerce. This domain has witnessed dramatic growth during the pandemic.

Brands and retailers are currently reimagining their business models, looking for ways to integrate technologies and digital tools to satisfy modern consumers. The Metaverse is a significant role to play here. It is not only restricted to the domain of the tech world and virtual gaming.

The Metaverse is enabling the adoption of a digital marketplace, offering a wide range of branding and marketing opportunities for retail and fashion spaces. Many brands are looking to explore Web3 some are already launching digital wearables. 

Social Networking Space

The Metaverse has a high potential of becoming the next social networking space. This is a trend that has started already. Thanks to its simulation of realities, users can socialize and network through highly immersive virtual experiences without necessarily providing personal information like location, identities, and photographs.

Businesses are also exploring opportunities to create networking space for Metaverse users to boost virtual experience and business adoption. For example, Millennium Hotels & Resorts, a Singaporean real estate giant, is looking to launch a virtual hotel in the Decentraland. Visitors will have the freedom to explore the virtual hotel and interact with other avatars.

Digital Real Estate

One of the biggest trends in the Metaverse is virtual real estate. It is worth mentioning that the sales of virtual real estate in 2021 alone were more than $500 million. The sales are expected to double in 2022. The fact is that virtual properties are an integral part of the digital universe.

It offers users the platform to create, cultivate, and connect. Owners and creators of virtual land can monetize their virtual properties by leasing, renting, and trading NFT properties just as they would in physical real estate. 

The Metaverse is undoubtedly stimulating lucrative opportunities for the world and many enterprises are leveraging the trends to boost brand awareness and return on investment.

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