Wild Forest Introduces Signal Fire with Valuable Rewards
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Wild Forest Introduces Signal Fire with Valuable Rewards


  • Introduction of the Signal Fire to protect the Wild Forest.
  • Opportunity to earn rewards such as $WF tokens, Gold, and Shards.
  • Process to light the Signal Fire using a Ronin wallet.

Since time immemorial, the Wild Forest has been a sanctuary for warriors and protectors dedicated to its preservation.

In an effort to strengthen this ancestral connection and protect our virtual home, the Signal Fire has been launched, an exciting initiative that invites all players to actively participate in the forest’s security.

The concept of the Signal Fire is simple yet powerful: by lighting these virtual fires through a blockchain transaction, players not only contribute to the protection of the Wild Forest but also unlock valuable rewards.

These rewards include $WF tokens, Gold, Shards, and special in-game items that not only enrich the player’s experience but also strengthen the community.

To participate in this noble cause, interested parties should visit the dedicated Signal Fire page at playwildforest.io.

From there, they can easily access the “Light the Fire” option and perform the action using their Ronin wallet.

Once lit, the fire will burn for 12 hours, during which players can eagerly anticipate the accumulation of rewards.

This frequency allows players to actively participate, ensuring that the Wild Forest is continuously protected and rewarded for their dedication.

Looking ahead, developers have ambitious plans to further expand the rewards pool, including additional assets from the Wild Forest such as Units, Skins, and exclusive Packs.

This evolution promises to maintain community interest and participation in constant growth, ensuring that the Wild Forest not only survives but thrives in the digital world.

Wild Forest Introduces Signal Fire with Valuable Rewards

Commitment and Future

The success of the Signal Fire is measured not only in terms of rewards but also in the renewed commitment of the community to the protection and conservation of the Wild Forest.

Every action counts, every fire lit represents a step forward in defending our virtual home.

As more players join and more Signal Fires are lit, the forest becomes safer and more prosperous for everyone.

The Signal Fire is not just a gameplay mechanic but a symbol of unity and shared responsibility.

We invite all players to actively participate, to light their Signal Fires, and to enjoy the rewards that this act of protection brings.

Together, we can ensure that the Wild Forest remains a place of adventure, mystery, and beauty for future generations of players and guardians alike.

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