MMORPG Game Lumiterra Moves to Ronin - Week Quests Start Today!
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MMORPG Game Lumiterra Moves to Ronin – Week Quests Start Today!


  • Lumiterra en Ronin: El MMORPG Lumiterra se traslada a la solución de escalado blockchain Ronin, integrando una comunidad de jugadores Web3 de China y Hong Kong.
  • Ecosistema de Lumiterra: Ofrece una experiencia de juego rica con supervivencia, artesanía y exploración, además de interacción con tokens no fungibles (NFTs) y el protocolo DeFi Lumi Finance.
  • Beta Cerrada y Recompensas: La beta cerrada de Lumiterra está prevista para julio con premios valorados en $1 millón, incluyendo la moneda del juego RON y artículos valiosos.

Ronin, the blockchain scaling solution for Ethereum, is celebrating a significant milestone as Lumiterra, a popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), makes its move to the platform. This transition represents more than just a new game joining Ronin; it signifies the integration of a vibrant community of Web3 gamers from China and Hong Kong into the digital nation.

Lumiterra: A Cross-Platform Adventure

Lumiterra is a free-to-play MMORPG that seamlessly blends survival, crafting, exploration, and more. In this expansive virtual world, players battle NPC monsters to level up their characters or even tame these creatures to assist them on their virtual farms. From planting seeds and nurturing crops to crafting items and forming alliances with fellow players, Lumiterra offers a rich and dynamic experience.

The Lumiterra Ecosystem

Beyond the core gameplay, Lumiterra boasts an ecosystem that extends beyond the game itself. Players can explore in-game items, engage with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and participate in the Lumi Finance DeFi protocol. Whether you seek casual fun or cutting-edge Web3 experiences, Lumiterra caters to a diverse range of player archetypes.

How to Dive into Lumiterra

MMORPG Game Lumiterra Moves to Ronin - Week Quests Start Today!

If all goes according to plan, Lumiterra’s closed beta test (CBT) will launch in July, featuring an impressive $1 million worth of prizes. These rewards include RON (the in-game currency), valuable in-game items, and coveted allowlist spots for a future paid Lumiterra NFT mint.

To secure a spot in the CBT, players can participate in quests during Earn Alliance’s Ronin Week, which kicks off on June 24th. For timely updates, players are encouraged to enable notifications on their preferred platform.

Battle, Craft, and Farm

In Lumiterra’s open-world environment, players face challenges and opportunities aplenty. When hostile monsters attack, players must decide whether to fight back, flee, or even tame these creatures for their farms. As characters gain experience, they specialize in three areas: combat, agriculture, and gathering.

  • Combat: Specialize in battle to wield powerful weapons, upgrading from fists to swords.
  • Agriculture: Efficiently tame creatures to boost resource production.
  • Gathering: Collect essential materials for crafting and other endeavors.

Players can choose to focus on a single specialization or diversify their skills. Additionally, forming alliances with other players allows for complementary strengths and strategic cooperation.

Embarking on Quests and PvP

Lumiterra introduces players to the game through beginner quests led by Gunner the Knight. These quests cover essential skills such as monster slaying, crop cultivation, resource gathering, and boss battles.

Once beginners complete these initial tasks, they can delve into Lumiterra’s main storyline, which offers optional quests and side quests. Whether players prefer a structured narrative or the freedom of MMO exploration, Lumiterra caters to their preferences.

A Growing Movement

Just one year ago, Ronin hosted only a handful of games, with approximately 50,000 daily active users (DAU). Today, the platform has blossomed into a hub for multiple gaming universes, boasting over 1.5 million DAU. Lumiterra’s migration to Ronin marks another significant step forward, and the community eagerly awaits the adventures that lie ahead.

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