Genopets Launches Phase 2 with New Gameplay Features and Rewards
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Genopets Launches Phase 2 with New Gameplay Features and Rewards

Genopets, a move-to-earn NFT game powered by the Solana blockchain, has announced the launch of its Phase 2, which will introduce core gameplay mechanics and expand the player base. The game allows players to summon, nurture, battle, and evolve their digital pets, called Genopets, using their real-world steps as energy.

According to the game, Phase 2 will enable players to:

  • Craft items, augments, and power-ups to customize and enhance their Genopets
  • Play nurture minigames to feed, fetch, and pet their Genopets and improve their mood
  • Refer friends with invite codes and earn rewards
  • Complete challenges and earn achievements
  • Augment and customize their Genopets with different traits and abilities
  • Battle in turn-based PVP minigames and test their skills and strategy

How to Join the Whitelist Public Beta and Get Ready for Phase 3

The game’s official Twitter account has also shared some sneak peeks of the upcoming features, such as the crafting system, the battle arena, and the Genopet customization. The game’s developers have also hinted at some surprises and collaborations that will be revealed soon.

Genopets Launches Phase 2 with New Gameplay Features and Rewards

Genopets is one of the most anticipated NFT games of 2023, as it combines the popular genres of pet simulation and RPG with the innovative concept of move-to-earn. The game aims to gamify an active lifestyle and reward players for staying healthy and fit. 

The game also features a vibrant and immersive open world, called the Genoverse, where players can explore, quest, and interact with other players and their Genopets.

With the release of v0.9.0, the Genoverse is set to reach unprecedented levels. Prepare for an exhilarating adventure. The organization is progressing steadily toward its Market Roadmap. Stay tuned for an imminent update. The prospects for Genopets have never been more promising.

To join the game’s whitelist public beta, players need to sign up for the game and wait for an invite code. The game is expected to launch its Phase 3 in 2024, which will allow players to connect and play together in the Genoverse.

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