Gods Unchained Revolutionizes the Gaming Experience with Immutable Passport
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Gods Unchained Revolutionizes the Gaming Experience with Immutable Passport

An exciting change is coming for lovers of the Card Games & Gods Unchained, as the implementation of Immutable Passport is announced starting in December 2023.

Immutable Passport is presented as the next generation of web3 wallets, designed to improve the experience of players.

This revolutionary system into blockchain games, combines industry-standard login methods with web3 features such as digital asset management.

What makes Immutable Passport truly special is its ability to serve as a universal, secure player profile that will provide access to all games and markets powered by Immutable.

This means that players’ assets, funds and achievements will travel with them across different games and platforms, without the hassle of having to switch accounts.

In a first phase, the implementation of Immutable Passport will focus on the login method, allowing new users to create accounts on Gods Unchained using services such as Google, Apple or email.

Passwords and annoying reCAPTCHAs will be eliminated from Gods Unchained

As the system evolves, the wallet integration is expected to bring even more benefits, such as reducing confirmations and improving the user experience.

Players will be able to move seamlessly between the game and other games and markets powered by Immutable, as their assets, identity and achievements will follow them across different worlds.

The login process with Immutable Passport will be simple: players will enter their email address associated with Gods Unchained and will receive a one-time password (OTP) to verify their login.

Gods Unchained: Immutable Passport Arrives in December

Importantly, this migration will be done in the backend of the system, so players will only need to log in.

As an incentive for early adopters of Immutable Passport, an exclusive passport card will be offered to those who log in during the first week of migration.

However, those who do not wish to migrate will have until November 30, 2023 to delete their existing accounts, as the previous login system will no longer be supported once Immutable Passport is implemented.

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