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Binary X Announces Cyberland Pre Registration

Cyberland – an immersive open-world MMORPG, has announced that its pre-registration is now open for interested players. Users can visit the official website and connect their Metamask wallet to begin. At the time of this publication, there are only 65 days till the end of this event. This implies that the process will end by January 2023.

In addition, more than 349 users have registered to join the game. Meanwhile, the announcement did not clarify if there are limited registration spots.

Details of the Cyberland Pre Registration

Shortly before announcing the Cyberland pre registration, Binary X issued a whitepaper about the web 3 game. This document contains necessary information about the program and gives users into about what to expect. This includes details of the project itself, the ecosystem and guild building.

$BNX is the native currency of Cyberland. Players will earn it by finishing top of the leaderboard. They can also use it to buy Land on the marketplace. Some aspects of the game like gameplay action, will be off-chain. While transactional activities like purchase of tokens and NFTs will occur on-chain.

Cyberland MMORPG

Below is a breakdown of the system:

  • Lands: There are four categories of land within Cyberland. They include snowfield, plain, desert, and swamp. Each of these plots have their benefits and investors can own them as NFTs.
  • In-Game Resources: Besides real estate, there are also many other materials within gameplay. They include minerals, wood, gems, stones, food, etc. These assets come in handy when users want to engage in activities like building construction, equipment crafting and so on.
  • Buildings: Speaking of land, players can construct structures once they have a blueprint and the necessary resources. Once you have a building, you can recruit blacksmiths, merchants, auction houses, pharmacists and armies. This is crucial towards building strength and increase your chances of taking over enemy territories.
  • Warfare, Hostile and Empire: During the course of gameplay, players will engage in battles against enemy NPCs. Every land is protected by different monster species. To collect treasures from such areas, gamers must eliminate these creatures. Besides acquiring resources, waging wars is the most effective way to expand your empire. You can also recruit other users to join you and build your guild.
  • Cyber Colosseum: Besides regular gaming, there will be special events from time to time. Those who finish high up the leaderboard will receive various rewards. The prize pool will comprise the majority of players spending within Cyberland.

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