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How much can I earn playing Sweatcoin (SWEAT)? Is it better than STEPN (GMT)?

Like STEPN, Sweatcoin is a move-to-earn web2 fitness platform that incentivizes users for moving their bodies. In other words, you earn profit by keeping fit and maintaining your health. However, can you make real money playing Sweatcoin? 

How much can you earn from the platform? When compared to STEPN, is Sweatcoin better? Let’s find out the answers in this post.

How does it Work?

You can download the app from Apple Store or Google Play Store and it is available for free. You can create an account right away and start using the app. In terms of ease of use, it is easier to get started with Sweatcoin and use the app because you do not require any code to activate your account like in STEPN

You also do not have to invest anything in Sweatcoin to use it. It rewards your daily steps with an in-game token, Sweatcoin. You can spend the token in-game or buy cool products. You can also convert the token into SWEAT, which you can trade on the market.


While it is a free-to-use app, you can also invest in the platform to increase your earning potential. You can buy SWEAT in-app with your debit/credit card and use it in the game. Whether you earn the SWEAT or buy it, you can stake it to earn an attractive yield.

Players with higher stakes can gain access to higher rewards. They also get to optimize their app experiences, such as premium services, lower transaction fees, and increased SWEAT minting limits.

How Much Can You Earn Playing Sweatcoin?

As mentioned, Sweatcoin pays you for moving and you earn in Sweatcoin tokens. You can then convert these tokens into SWEAT, which you can use for different things. You can use it to shop from thousands of fabulous branded goods and services available on the platform’s marketplace. 

These items include iPhones, high-tech shoes, Apple Watches, anti-gravity yoga classes, and more. You can also trade your SWEAT tokens and convert them to fiat. At the time of this writing, $SWEAT exchanges for $0.012714 per unit. You will need a substantial quantity of SWEAT to make a reasonable profit using the app.

Is Sweatcoin Better than STEPN?

As mentioned, it is easier using Sweatcoin than STEPN because you need an activation code to get started with STEPN, which can be difficult to get. Additionally, you have to invest significantly into STEPN to use the app or make a profit from it. 

So, we will consider Sweatcoin as a better alternative, especially if you do not want to invest before using the app and making profits

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