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Dragons Arena Set to Hold Its NFT Last Mint Batch Event

A play-to-earn blockchain-based game, Dragons Arena will hold the last mint batch of its Dragons Arena NFT on November 29 at 14:00 UTC. According to the game platform, the token supply for the event is 3000 and will be available for 1 $EGLD per token.

The event will take place on FrameItNFT platform. Of the 3000 tokens, there are 2,824 Commons, 170 Epics, and 6 Legendary.

What are the Benefits of Dragons Arena NFT?

Holders of Dragons Arena NFT can stake it to earn $MEX. You must have your dragon in your wallet to qualify for the daily rewards. Also, you must stake your dragons every twenty-four hours to receive these rewards. According to the team, all royalties earned in upcoming months will be added to the platform’s staking pool.

The game will also boost the staking rewards for its holders using a part of the mint sale. Available rewards for staking include 4 Common NFTs for Epic, 7 Common NFTs for Legendary, and 2 Common and Dragon-type as special Poo rewards.

dragons arena

More Rewards for Holding the Dragons Arena NFTs

According to Dragons Arena, users who transpose their dragons into the real world through its AR Connect app and participate in the daily raffle can win 1 NFT. The NFTs available for this event are from the partner projects in the special reward program. It is worth mentioning that the reward program will run for 365 days.

$EGODS Airdrop: The game platform also revealed that it will hold its first major airdrop as soon as the $EGODS presale event ends. This will hold on Krogan launchpad, and to qualify, you must have at least three Dragons in your wallet at the time of the snapshot. Dragons Arena will announce the date of this event later.

Free Gods of Fire NFT: All Dragons Arena NFTs holders are eligible for the Gods of Fire NFT airdrop. The NFT is a free playable in-game character that offers an exciting gaming experience and an opportunity to earn more $EGODS tokens.

Holders of the Gods of Fire NFTs can rent out their tokens to earn passive income. They can also trade them on a MultiversX marketplace. Also, all Dragon Arena NFT holders will be whitelisted automatically for the $EGODS token presale and will have fifteen minutes of early presale access.

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