New Features and Improvements Coming to GensoKishi with Scheduled Maintenance
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New Features and Improvements Coming to GensoKishi with Scheduled Maintenance

Exciting news for GensoKishi players! The game will go under scheduled maintenance to bring you some great new features and improvements based on your feedback.

They apologize for any inconvenience caused and value your patience. So, let’s see what’s coming your way during this period!

Cool New Stuff on GensoKishi

Get ready to enjoy these amazing additions to the GensoKishi game:

Firstly, you can connect with other players now by sending friend requests from their profiles. It’s a great way to build your community!

Additionally, with push notifications, you’ll never miss out on key announcements. Turn on notifications to get updates about new things that happen in the game.

Also, check out the “Random Parameters” when upgrading your Gear. It’s like unlocking secret powers!

Improvements and Fixes

The team is also making some important improvements and fixing pesky bugs:

You’ll now be able to see players who have blocked you or those you have blocked. It helps maintain a fair and safe gaming environment.

Secondly, the chat interface is much better now and makes it easier to talk with other players. Coordination just got much simpler!

Finally, the game will run now smoother with measures to reduce the load for each Dragon Tower. So, there will be less waiting and more playing!

Improvements and Fixes in Gensokishi Online

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Your feedback is a key part of development, and the team has added key fixes and enhancements:

Firstly, your character’s appearance-changing skills won’t be affected by Gear changes anymore. Your style, your choice!

Furthermore, Antidote and Honey Drink now have special icons in your inventory. So, finding and using them during battles is a breeze.

Also, the team has improved the way condition resistance increase and decrease are displayed. It’s clearer and easier to understand.

Additional Enhancements in GensoKishi

The team is always working to make the game even better. Check out these extra improvements:

Enjoy the full effects of awakening skills by using different parts of Gear with the same skill. It’s all about maximizing your power!

Also, you can press LB+RB+R3 stick on your gamepad to reset the camera view now. It puts you in control of your perspective.

Additionally, the team has fixed various bugs, like the inability to jump near slopes or stairs, weak skills against sleeping monsters, and sneaky monsters targeting you in Zeth Forest (E/W) while in stealth mode.

Finally, you can keep an eye on the official website to find out more about new developments.

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