Gala Games Mayhem Week 2 Starts Today!
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Gala Games Mayhem Week 2 Starts Today!


  • Week 2 of Mayhem at Gala Games with more competitions and rewards.
  • Changes to Common Ground World, including a “Best of the Best” competition.
  • Return of Hatchet Hank Jr. and update of NFTs on offer.

The world of Gala Games is immersed in a new week of Mayhem, offering players more challenges, competitions and rewards than ever.

Among the most notable developments are the changes to Common Ground World, where the “Best of the Best” competition promises even greater emotions than in previous weeks.

This competition will cut the number of winners in half, with only 500 places receiving prizes in $GALA, but with a total pool 5% larger than usual.

In addition, price reductions are announced for NFTs such as Hot Cocoa Chalet and Mistletoe Arch.

On the other hand, the long-awaited return of Hatchet Hank Jr. has generated great expectations among Gala Games enthusiasts.

With 800 units available at $150 each, these NFTs offer unique benefits for those interested in the virtual logging industry.

This offer will be available next Tuesday, and fans are expected to take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen their in-game assets.

On GalaSwap, the token exchange platform, the excitement continues with rewards in $GALA for traders with the highest volume in selected tokens.

This week, featured tokens include $GALA, $GUSDC, $MUSIC, $LEMIN, $GSWAP, $MTRM, and $TOLK.

Competition intensifies, and players are eager to get their rewards.

In Legends Reborn, players compete for $500 in $GALA prizes in categories such as most games played and most games won.

In addition, accumulating PVP games grants exclusive rewards in the form of NFTs, encouraging active community participation.

Gala Games Mayhem Week 2 Starts Today!

The impact of Mayhem on Gala Games

The Mayhem phenomenon at Gala Games has managed to consolidate an active and committed community.

The diversity of competitions and events on platforms such as Common Ground World, GalaSwap, Legends Reborn, and others, demonstrates Gala Games versatility and ability to innovate to keep players engaged and excited.

This strategy not only strengthens the internal economy of the game, but also creates a dynamic and competitive environment that drives participation and interaction between users.

As we move into this second week of Mayhem, players can expect even more surprises, challenges, and opportunities to demonstrate their skills and strategies within Gala  Games various virtual worlds.

With new competitions, rewards and content updates, excitement and fun are guaranteed for those who immerse themselves in the controlled chaos of Mayhem at Gala Games.

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