GensoKishi Announces Partnership with YGG Pilipinas for Web 3.0 Metaversity Education
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GensoKishi Announces Partnership with YGG Pilipinas for Web 3.0 Metaversity Education

GensoKishi Online, a web 3.0 gaming platform, is partnering with YGG Pilipinas, a unit of Yield Guild Games. The alliance will help with education and games in the Philippines and make using Web 3.0 easy using many events.

The collab also gives GensoKishi Online a chance to be more active in events that happen in the region. Discover how this collaboration will educate the masses about web3 and the different income-generating opportunities in the metaverse.

GensoKishi Online Will Be a Part of Metaversity

Metaversity is a new “University” for web 3.0 content makers, and YGG Pilipinas is going to host it. The course will be from key content creators such as Een Mercado and Archer Perezz. So, it will focus on how to be a better and more mature creator, especially in gaming. Filipino players can learn to make content via GensoKishi Online in this course. So, this is a big step in reaching GensoKishi Online’s goal of helping creators around the world.

The “GensoKishi Channel” is now live on YGG Pilipinas Discord

This channel is there to give much-needed support to new users. In addition to that, a YGG Pilipinas member will be the ambassador in the GensoKishi Discord. So, they will help keep the comms smooth between people in both camps.

GensoKishi Channel

YGG Alerts for News on The Gensokishi Partnership with Web 3.0 Metaversity

All the news on GensoKishi Online as a part of the Metaversity will come as YGG Alerts. This is the main web 3.0 news and media channel in the country, with almost a million followers on FB. Additionally, YGG Alerts is also a part of Yield Guild Games.

Various Events and Campaigns to Happen in The Philippines

Both sides will work to host many events in the Philippines. So, there will be the “YGG Crypto Fiesta” and the upcoming “First GensoKishi Philippines Meetup”. The first event happens every week on YGG PH Discord. This collab will have a lot to do and show when it comes to blockchain work in the region.

About YGG Pilipinas

YGG Pilipinas is a huge club for Web 3.0. It works on game ops, web 3.0, marketing, and hosting key local events. The team here has been helping a big community of gamers, creators, and traders since 2021. They want to make Web 3.0 more common in the region and support players, managers, and creators.

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