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Infinity Arena Announces Release Date for the Battle PVP Betting Mode

Infinity Arena has announced the release date of the Battle PVP Betting Mode. This includes the launch of the Open Beta as well as the mainnet. Once it is time, players will assemble and fight across the galaxies. Therefore, everyone should brace themselves for this eventful period.

Battle PVP Bettingn is the third of the three gaming modes in Battle Arena. Below is a breakdown of all the gaming options within this play to earn auto battler:

  • PVE Missions: Players earn rewards for completing different tasks in this adventure through the Zeronium Universe.
  • PVP Tournament: Players purchase tickets to join multiple ranking battles. Those on top of the leaderboard will share the prize pool.
  • PVP Betting: Two players stake a specified amount of $INAZ. The winner takes the majority of the bet and pays the hosting fee.

Details of Infinity Arena Battle PVP Betting Mode

Infinity Arena Battle PVP Guide

The Infinity Arena Battle PVP Betting Mode will begin with an open beta on the 20th of March. Interested participants will enjoy this testnet till the 26th of March. One significant highlight of this trial version is that it will be free to play. There will be no prerequisite requirements.

In addition, there are no whitelists, and the team is not limiting the number of players that can try out this new gameplay. Instead, they want as many users as possible to join this event.

Anyone who joins this test will get testnet $INAZ and Guardian digital assets. This will ensure that they are well-equipped to enter the PVP Betting Mode. Unlike the previous beta test that took place back in November, this edition shows more than a general battlefield look.

Instead, Infinity Arena is introducing different battle rules that will enable contestants to become better at gameplay. In addition, there will also be a Bug Bounty Program for everyone. Community members will work jointly with the developers to improve the game. Players will share from 30 Guardian Packs, depending on the defaults you detect.

Below are the numbers of these digital assets according to their rarity:

  • 5 Elite NFTs
  • 5 Legendary NFTs
  • 10 Master NFTs
  • 10 Veteran NFTs

Testnet participants are encouraged to engage in the bug-hunting initiative. Getting the above NFTs are essential to forming a full deck. You will need a complete collection to join the mainnet when it is officially launched on the 31st of March.

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