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SYN CITY to Hold its Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool Auction Copper Launch on January 8-10, 2022

SYN CITY, the first Mafia Metaverse, has announced the launch of its $SYN Token on Copper Launch. The event is slated to take place between January 8 and January 10, 2022. Four IDO Launchpad partners have been confirmed to take place on January 7.

After this event, the SYN CITY will launch the LBP token auction event, which will be available to the general public to participate.

Interested participants will have the opportunity to purchase the Metaverse currency, $SYN during the event. The auction will take place on the reputable and popular LBP platform, Copper Launch. 

Highlights of the LBP Auction Event on Copper Launch in SYN City

SYN CITY will add a total of about 5% of the largest supply of the $SYN tokens to the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool. After the sale event, these tokens will be unlocked without any vesting. 

This means that participants in the Copper Launch auction will be protected and aided in locating the best price during launch. Suffice to mention that there is no minimum or maximum purchase limit during the event. Additionally, there will be no whitelisting and staking requirements to participate in the event.

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More Details about the LBP Auction on Copper Launch

There are a total of 500,000,000 SYN available in the initial pool. The starting weights would be 95% of $SYN and 5% of USDC while the ending weight would be 50% of $SYN and 50% of USDC. The tokens are stored on Ethereum Blockchain to ensure optimal security for all $SYN tokens. 

At the time of this writing, the starting price and the minimum purchase amount for the auction event have not been revealed. However, interested participants can find more details on the Twitter page of the game platform. As mentioned, the event will start on January 8 and end on January 10. The actual time for the commencement of the event is yet to be revealed.

How to Participate in the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool Auction

Interested participants are required to register at the Copper Auction page of SYN City and connect a compatible wallet. Wallets that are compatible with the game platform are MetaMask, Gnosis Safe, Ledge, and WalletConnect. After connecting your wallet, choose the quantity of $SYN tokens you want to buy and carry out two transactions. 

Approve the purchase of the tokens on the Copper Launch platform by clicking on the “Approve for Trading” button and clicking “Swap” to convert your preferred currency to $SYN tokens. After the transaction, you will get the $SYN tokens in your wallet.

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