Stewards Can Now Get Land from Land Owners in Axie Infinity: Homeland
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Stewards Can Now Get Land from Land Owners in Axie Infinity: Homeland

A new update on Axie Infinity allows Land Owners to give their lands to Stewards now. So, Stewards will now be able to use that land to play Axie Infinity: Homeland.

This applies to unstacked plots only; if the steward gets a place on the game leaderboard, then the owner gets rewards as well.

Benefits for Land Owners in Axie Infinity

The process of delegation is all about getting someone else to use your plot to play. So, being the owner, you get to enjoy the rewards of their labor as well.

So, when you give your land to a steward(s) and they make it on the leaderboard, then they will get rewarded. As a result of that, you will also receive rewards that will go to your Ronin wallet.

It is possible to give multiple plots to the same steward or give one each to many stewards. You have the freedom to choose how you want to delegate your plots. As for the period, it needs to be set to anywhere between 1-365 days.

Benefits for Land Owners in Axie Infinity

Benefits for Stewards

If you get a plot of land from a Land Owner, then that would make you a steward. So, it will give you access to that plot on Axie Homeland. When you play the game and make it to the leaderboard, you will receive rewards that will go to your Ronin wallet. You may share the rewards you get with the Land Owner as well.

How to Connect

To figure out what kind of sharing terms you want, stewards can connect with land owners on Axie’s Discord channel. The same also applies to landowners who want to get in touch with stewards.

Delegating, Revoking, and Claiming

Delegating a plot is the process when you assign it to a steward. This gives them access to your plot, and you can either revoke their access or claim your plot after the period expiry.

Revoking is when a landowner ends a delegation before its period is over. This can be done 24 hours after the plot is delegated. Claiming happens after the delegation period is over and you need to claim your plot in App.axie

Plot Delegation Process in Axie Infinity

Go to Axie Infinity User Dashboard in app.axie and click on Land Delegation. Select the plot you want to delegate and then add the steward’s address along with the expiry date. Click on the Delegate button to complete the process from your Ronin wallet.

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