The Unfettered Awkay Solution - Understanding the Features in the Soulverse
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The Unfettered Awkay Solution – Understanding the Features in the Soulverse

The Unfettered releases an overview of the Awkay Solution to enable players to understand its ecosystem better. This deep dive will also explain why the team is creating this revolutionary blockchain solution. It also discusses the features that support the Souls-Verse.

The update comes after a previous post where the team highlighted the benefits of some of these attributes. This time around, the team is giving comprehensive information about these elements within its ecosystem. It is part of the process of enabling users to understand the purpose and aim of Awkay Technologies.

Features in The Unfettered Awkay Solution Souls-Verse

Features in The Unfettered Awkay Solution Souls-Verse

Account Abstraction is the first feature of the ecosystem, and it makes other in-game processes function effectively. The team chose this approach instead of Externally Owned Account and Contract Account models because it is far more limitless. Account Abstraction transforms the blockchain wallet into a programmable interface that works well with web2 features like email-based account creation.

Another attribute is the Dual Layered Encryption that protects the client and server end of the system. For anyone to complete a transaction, they must provide the person’s PIN and Awkay Wallet. This is such that even the gaming administrators cannot complete any transaction from an individual account.

The Dual Layered Encryption is paired with a Multifactor Authentication for even better security. It requires approval from multiple trusted contacts before approving any transaction. By removing single-point authorization, The Unfettered is providing players with a very robust security network.

After gaining access to the game, The Unfettered Awkay Solution provides additional features to make a player’s gaming experience seamless. One process it employs in doing so is the use of AutoMark. This is a feature that allows players to automatically complete in-game actions without needing to visit third-party wallet websites.

Furthermore, there is Easy Pay – a payment solution that allows users to pay for in-app purchases for NFTs through their credit cards. It works very similarly to shopping in an e-commerce store. The aim is to bridge the gap between web2 and web3.

Finally, there is Paymaster – a feature that removes the need for people to hold the game’s native token to complete transactions. Players can pay transfer fees in any currency or format of their choosing.

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