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Axie Infinity Presents its Governance Portal: Moving Closer To Full Decentralization


  • Axie Infinity launches the Governance Portal, allowing community members to actively participate in game decisions.
  • The Axie Score is introduced, a point system that measures user contributions and determines their voting power in governance.
  • The first vote, AIP-001, will open on May 20 and seeks to approve a key update for secure asset delegation.

Axie Infinity continues to deepen its decentralization with the launch of the Governance Portal. This tool allows all community members to actively participate in game decisions, inaugurating a new era of community governance in its ecosystem.

Today, alongside the portal launch, the Axie Score is introduced, a point system designed to reflect community members’ contributions. This system is fundamental for measuring participation and the value added by each user, and it will be used to calculate the voting power of participants in governance decisions.

The Axie Score is built on four main categories: in-game performance, contributions to the treasury, community contributions, and Axie NFT holdings. Each category is represented by badges, which are assigned specific values. Thus, a member’s total score is obtained by summing the values of all the badges they have earned. This allows for a comprehensive evaluation of each user’s participation and commitment to the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

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How to Participate in Axie Voting

To participate in the voting process, users must connect their Ronin Wallet, stake their AXS in the portal, and select a topic to vote on. The first vote, known as AIP-001, seeks to approve a key update that will facilitate the secure delegation of Axie assets. This vote will open on May 20 and will be available for one week.

The design of the Governance Portal is based on several fundamental principles. First, AXS must be staked to vote, ensuring voter commitment and minimizing fraud risk. Second, a “quadratic modifier” will be implemented to moderate the influence of large token holders, valuing broader community participation more. Finally, each user’s voting power will be calculated by combining the amount of AXS staked. The effect of the quadratic modifier, and the individual Axie Score.

The development of the Score System has been a collaborative process between Axie community builders and the Sky Mavis team. An inaugural committee, composed of community leaders and senior Sky Mavis members, has worked intensively to create an initial version. This first version is considered a prototype that will serve as a foundation for future iterations and improvements, based on continuous community feedback.

The announced launches represent a milestone in building a meritocratic governance model in the web3 gaming space. This model seeks to empower players and enable more inclusive and democratic decision-making within the Axie Infinity community.

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