Rumble Kong League, an Avalanche NFT Game, Teams Up with Gatorade for In-Game Boosts
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Rumble Kong League, an Avalanche NFT Game, Teams Up with Gatorade for In-Game Boosts


  • Rumble Kong League announces collaboration with Gatorade for its next mobile basketball game.
  • The Gatorade integration will include in-game items, such as the “G-Machine” to unlock digital items.
  • Rumble Kong League’s move to the Avalanche blockchain highlights its focus on faster and cheaper transactions for NFT users.

The next installment of Rumble Kong League, an NFT-powered basketball game on the Avalanche blockchain, has secured a notable collaboration with renowned sports drink brand Gatorade.

This strategic alliance will result in in-game integrations that will allow players to unlock exclusive Gatorade items, such as skins and epic rewards, through the “G-Machine.”

The “G-Machine” acts as a virtual vending machine within the game, where players can use G-Coins earned by completing missions to purchase digital collectibles.

These exclusive elements will not only be visible during basketball games in the “compete to win” game, but also while players explore the open city outside the courts.

The announcement of this partnership between Rumble Kong League and Gatorade has been supported by both Gatorade‘s parent company, PepsiCo, and the official Gatorade account on X.

The news has generated excitement among the community of basketball players and lovers, who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the game this summer for iOS and Android devices.

Rumble Kong League’s shift to Avalanche blockchain prioritizes faster, cheaper NFT transactions

This adds to the promise of allowing NFT holders to migrate their assets to Avalanche‘s platform, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for digital collections enthusiasts.

With backing from NBA stars such as Paul George and Steph Curry through Penny Jar Capital, Rumble Kong League is positioned as a reference title in the world of blockchain-powered games.

Curry‘s previous involvement in NFT and crypto projects, as well as his role as a spokesperson for cryptocurrency exchanges, highlights his confidence in the direction these emerging technologies are taking in the digital entertainment industry.

The collaboration between Rumble Kong League and Gatorade promises an exciting and authentic gaming experience for basketball fans, while Avalanche‘s blockchain focus underscores the importance of scalability and accessibility in the world of NFTs and digital gaming.

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