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Big Time Releases Details of its Patch Note

Big Time, a multi-player NFT-based action RPG game platform, has released the details of the patch carried out on its gaming platform.

This patch is version 0.1, which would be carried out on the game metaverse. Here are the highlights of some of the patches performed.

Game Balance

  • High-end vendroid now spawns across 20+ level range
  • Big Time has tweaked the drop rates of Boss currency equipment.
  • Big Che’s rocket barrage now features a spicier texture.
  • Reduction in the bleed-out time for when gamers are knocked down.
  • Significantly higher-leveled AI is now less polite while waiting for their turn to attack and can trigger more powerful hit reactions when battling with players.
  • Barbarian Shout does not affect Defensive Layers.
  • Reduction in the Speed potion speed adjustment


  • Extension of Inventory idles.
  • Addition of new shadow ability animation, animations for no weapon stance, and portal spawn-ins for summoning decoys.
  • Extension of cyber-pirates reinforcement animation


  • AI is freer to activate unique abilities
  • Some bugs have been fixed in the AI
  • Many changes were made to enhance the game experience during “training the zone”

big time


  • NFT roll chance has been added when completing the quest objectives
  • Addition of a new passive ability with Shield Block Energy Reduction to minimize energy volume absorbed during damage
  • Changes made to “Into The Fray”
  • Changes made to Bloodspray Aura and Summon Party Portals
  • Adjustment of the Heal Beam visuals to better show the intended effect
  • Outdoor adventure instances now have more variety for quest objectives
  • Changes are made to several abilities with short case times 


  • Addition of color feedback to item notifications
  • Addition of Tooltip to favorite checkboxes and trash.
  • Players can mark equipped items as favorite or trash
  • Addition of custom tooltips for ability slots and empty items
  • Addition of a Darken gradient to the top of the item slot
  • Additions of high contrast crosshairs, missing icons for periodic ailments, party invites acceptance, and more.


  • Adjustment of Forest dungeon use
  • Updates to Boss battles in the forest dungeon and more

Bug Fixes

Several bugs were fixed, including issues with missing zone chat, emotes listed in UI, typos in the backstab ability description, rarity color not showing correctly, video settings, and dragging fog. Performance optimization, Art patches, and more have been carried out on the game platform.

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