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Axie Infinity Launches “The Premier”

During the recently concluded Axiecon, the team gave insights into Contests. After that event, Axie Infinity is announcing The Premier – the unveiling of this fresh gameplay. Alongside this unveiling, the game is releasing the first edition o this exercise. This update comes after the launch of the Axieween Challenges.

Details of Axie Infinity “The Premier”

Axie Infinity uses this opportunity to showcase in-game events where players get to complete additional missions outside the already existing modes. Users will earn milestone rewards if they succeed and climb up the Contest Leaderboard. The Premier is the maiden edition, and participants will engage in 10 ranked battles.

To participate, players will use all 9 classes of Axies. Winning more battles will enable them to unlock Moon Shards, Moon Dusts, Ancient Moonstones & Choice Boxes as benefits. The Premier is live, and anyone interested in joining in can do via the Events section.

This edition is very simple, and everyone already playing Axie Infinity Origins can participate. However, future versions will be more challenging missions like breeding and releasing. It will also include using particular body parts of specific Axies. The team also hinted that tasks might expand beyond in-game activities into on-chain assignments.

All You Need to Know About the New Contests

Axie Infinity Events and Contests

Axie Infinity prides itself on providing immersive gaming for Lunacians. This is why the team is introducing a series of recurring events that rewards trainers for completing milestones and ranking high on the leaderboard. When competitions are available, users can access them via the events section. To access them, click on the menu on the left side of the UI.

Before joining any of these contests, you must understand the following:

  • Missions: these are tasks that appear on your dashboard that you must complete.
  • Contest Points: When you complete missions, you will get contest points.
  • Milestones: every mission has specific milestones you must meet before claiming rewards. To get maximum contest points, users must meet higher milestones. Getting the barest minimum will not help you climb higher up the rating. This includes finishing tasks earlier or better than other players.
  • Leaderboard: accumulating more contest points enables you to climb higher on the leaderboard and unlock more rewards. These compensations will only be redeemed after the contest ends.

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