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Axie Infinity Launches the Axieween Challenges

In the spirit of Halloween, Axie Infinity is launching some unique Axieween challenges. The team is allowing Lunacians to unleash the horrors lurking within their minds. Those who can create the spookiest concepts will share a total prize pool of 750 $AXS and other digital assets. Submissions are valid from the 20th of October to the 1st of November 2022. This comes after the announcement of a 10,000 AXS Halloween Bonus.

The Different Axieween Challenges:

These are the different Axieween challenges, their criteria for participation and prizes.

Axie Scary Story

Anyone with dark ideas about the game or its characters finally has a chance to express themselves. Let your horrors come to life by creating a short video with a max length of 1 minute 30 seconds or an interesting short-written story. Your story or video must have a theme and feature an in-game character.

Axie Costume Challenge

Next up is this Axie-themed cosplay challenge. There are no special requirements, and newbies are encouraged to give it their best shot. While the team encourages everyone to be creative, your costume must have an Axie picture or theme as part of its component.

Create an Axie

If you are not a fan of dressing up in customers, you can also win from the “Create an Axie” contest. This category brings your imagination to play differently. Design an in-game avatar but use a regular item as an inspiration. For example, you can design a pumpkin or rock as an Axie. You can also dress your pet as an avatar.

Scariest Axie

This challenge is strictly for the owners of Axies. Post a picture of your scariest avatar with the #Axieween and #ScaryAxie hashtags on Twitter to earn a shot at winning. You do not need to fill out any form. Holders of the top ten shuddery avatars will get 1 Aave Phantom Altar each.

How to Join the Axieween Challenges

Axie Infinity Halloween Bonus

Besides the Scariest Axie challenge, every other contest has the same submission format. Users can use any language in their entries. While participants can submit multiple entries, they can only win one prize.

The judges will be key community members like Jihoz, BBQ, QU3ST, Axie Infinity Discord Channel mods, and selected creators. There will be an overall best winner from all the categories, and the lucky Lunacian will go home with 125 $AXS and a Forest Land Plot.

To participate in these contests, follow these steps:

  • Design original pictures, stories or videos. Lift-offs will be disqualified.
  • Upload your entries on Twitter with the #Axieween hashtag.
  • Follow @AxieInfinity & Join Axie’s Discord Server
  • Complete your submission by filling out the Sky Mavis Typeform.

The best three entries in each category will receive these compensations:

  • 1st Position: $125 AXS
  • 2nd Position: $75 AXS
  • 3rd Position: $50 AXS

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